‘If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present’.

2015 was the year that got the ball rolling. But then just like every year, one that felt just the same as all the rest. It’s easy to forget what on earth has happened in the past 365 days, I can’t even remember what happened last Wednesday never in the past 12 months. It’s something I certainly want to work on throughout the next year, living in the moment and truly appreciating each and every single day. I do give my gratitudes, but actually praising achievements and accomplishments is something we seem to easily forget.

should) be at another, better stage already. With the rush rush rush of our lives, rushing to work and hustling hard to meet deadlines, we brush off our achievements with an ‘I could do better’.  Whenever I get in this mindset, I remind myself that I cannot compare my chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 50. I’m at the beginning of my journey, and your role models are probably in the middle of theres. When I shed light on my thoughts in this way, I find motivation comes to me in the form of a positive, friendly helping hand who reminds me that I’m doing just fine.


And although I try my hardest not to look to the past, I think a gentle prod and reminder of what you’ve done in the past year can really shine a positive light on the memories that have been created. Looking back through my archives certainly gave me a tingle in my tummy and smile in my eyes, for how often can we forget how much further we’ve come. So lets pop the champagne and give ourselves a pat on the back for just being, well, our amazing selves of course! I’m definitely guilty of looking at my inspirations in life and feeling inadequate in comparison, you know the feeling. The feeling that can eat away at our insides, of how we wish were
better at this or how we should (or think we

So in hindsight, I can’t believe how great this year has been and I’m so thankful for the opportunities that have come my way. Grateful for my family and the friendships that have been nurtured and those that have been cherished. This year I’ve learnt a darn lot. I’m so much more at peace with myself which feels amazing and overall, I’ve learnt to train my mind to be more positive and it’s made me a much more productive person.

I started the relaunch of my blog in May this year. Looking back upon that post reminds me of how full of optimism, hope and excitement I was about creating content and creating a website where I can share my thoughts and feelings, and somewhere I could freely write and explore different areas of creation. Looking back at some of the early photos this year, I can recall that feeling of wonder. A reminder of why I’m here doing this, because I literally LOVE it.

For 2016, I would ask the Wizard of Oz for the Lion’s wish of courage. Although I’m no longer bothered about a few peeping of horns whilst I’m standing out in the middle of December in a dress and heels at half 9 in the morning, finding the confidence to do what I want to do regardless of any other peoples opinions is something that I strive for. The ultimate fearlessness. So here’s to living life for YOU, amazing and supportive relationships, good health and most importantly, lots and lots of FUN. I hope you look back through your archives and remind yourself of the great things you achieved and the memories created and captured, I give this toast to you.