Top Websites Every Fashion Girl should Know

I get a lot of inspiration from online websites as well as magazines, and so I’ve created a bit of a collection of certain websites that I can be sure to get inspiration from. There might be a couple you’ve heard of before, but perhaps you’ll find some new websites that open up your conscious to new ideas and concepts. Check them out and let me know what you think in the comments below!


If you love getting inspired by Interviews, then this is the website for you. The online site is updated weekly with interviews featuring some of the top creative minds in the art industry.

Expect talks with Yohji Yamamoto, Raf Simons, Tavi Gevinson, Bruce Weber, Alicia Keys and more


Nowness is the place I go to to watch some really inspiring and thought provoking video content. This is one of those sites that I could just sit and browse through for ages, it is truly so fantastic and I promise you will be awe at the brilliance of these film makers.


Perhaps a bit more of a popular one among the creatives is It’s Nice That. With a bit more of a focus on graphics design, it is still worth mentioning as fashion tends to merge into all parts of creative design.


There’s no doubt that you are already familar with i-D and Vice, but perhaps haven’t found yourself acquainted with their new lifestyle online magazine, Amuse, aimed at people who are in search of inspiration, ideas and experiences. I personally love reading lifestyle articles, so this is right up my street.

Don’t forget to subscribe to their video content too and be sure to watch the series ‘How It’s Dunn’ with none other than, Jordan Dunn.


Arguably one of the biggest fashion websites, Show Studio is the grandfather of Fashion Film. Founded by photographer Nick Knight in 2000, this is another one of those websites that will make hours slip into minutes as you find yourself sat at your computer endlessly searching through the vast amount of content.

Make sure to watch the panel show recaps during Fashion Weeks for an in depth analysis of each Show, as well as interviews with inspiring fashion innovators such as Lady Gaga and Kayne West


Thought I’d throw a bit of an odd ball into the pick with this one, but it’s just a lovely idea for a site and a reminder to see the beauty in small things.

Created by photographer Jason Evans, the Daily Nice shows everyday “a photograph of something that made me happy”.


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