NYE Makeup Look with Sleek

Happy New Year guys!

I thought I’d bring to you today a festive NYE makeup look featuring one of my favourite affordable makeup brands, Sleek.
I cannot quite believe that I’m sat writing this on what is the last day of 2016 (I also can’t quite believe how bad I still am at creating a schedule, but hey, I’m writing from the heart). Although I know that time is ultimately a man made construction and today and tomorrow are ultimately just like any other new dawn, having a sense of a New Year and a cause for celebration is something that is pre scheduled in our diary each year that enables us the opportunity to reflect, celebrate and look forward to all the good things that are destined for us.

I haven’t yet decided between staying in on the couch gorging on as many festive films as possible or going out for one or two cocktails with friends, but I do know that whichever the outcome I will be using the occasion the get dressed up to the 9s, makeup and all – even if it’s just me and a cup of hot chocolate.

Sleek is a brand you can be certain to always deliver quality products and incredible pigmentation for high street prices. I remember the days when they were difficult to find in many high street retailers and you had to make a special trip to go search them out in the hair shops in central cities. Whilst the thrill of the adventure was exciting, I’m glad that I now only have to pop into a Boots or Superdrug to find them.

The Look

Once applying your foundation and concealer, contour the cheekbones using the Face Form palette. Take the dark matte bronze shade with the contour brush, and sweep over the hollows of your cheeks, across your forehead and along the jawline.

Taking a larger bronzer brush, lightly touch the cheeks with the shimmery bronze shade to add a radiant sun kissed glow to the skin, before taking the gold highlight shade across the top of the cheek bones, under the brow bone and across the cupids bow above the lip.

Use the brush on the Eyebrow Stylist to comb through the brows upwards. Use the pointed end of the pencil to outline the bottom and top arches of the brow then fill in using the flat edge.

Using a flat synthetic brush, take Kir Royale all over the lids and by the inner corners as a base colour. Then take Spritz and place on the lid, not going above the crease. Using a fluffy blending brush, take Mai Tai and blend out the edges through the socket line. Then, using the same blending brush, take Mimosa and blend in the outer corners creating a > shape. Blend again with a fluffy brush to ensure there are no harsh lines. (To really add dimension, place Manhattan in the centre of the lids). Sweep Bellini in the inner tear duct and under the eyebrows. Then, using a small brush, take Spritz and run under the lower lash line.

Take Dip It Liquid Liner and create a feline cat flick, as thick or thin as desired before adding lashings of mascara.

Use the Lip Pencil in Sugared Apple to line the lips then, either fill in with the pencil for a matte look, or apply the lipstick in Nightspot for an intense red lip.

Buy the Sleek Secretly Spellbound Glam Kit on offer at Boots here