Embroidered Leather Jacket

Embroidery has been everywhere this season, and I’m especially loving it on leather. More specifically when it comes in the trusty item of the leather jacket, a much loved staple within many girls wardrobe.

Considering that usually a couple of black leather jackets is all one girl needs in their closet, I thought why not go for a sky blue colour! Although my other half was at first sceptical, sometimes things just need to be worn in order to understood… am I right, or am I right? I’ll leave you to think on that one.

The bird motif that runs throughout this embroidery in primary red, blue and yellow is very reminiscent for me of what we are currently seeing at Gucci, a house that is inspiring every all other fashion houses to up their creative game and inspire it’s customers to take a risk in their wardrobe away from their usual blacks, greys and nudes. Of course, for me, a combination of my staple neutral colours with a statement piece allows such a focal piece to be the centre of attention.

If you’re wanting to try adding more colour and patterns into your own wardrobe a bit more, I’ve advise taking a look at the staple pieces that you wear a lot – these tend to be jackets, coats, shoes, bags – and finding similar styles in different colours that you can alternate on days you want to add a little something something.

In future, I think it would be more fun to experiment and wear this jacket with another printed piece, like a t-shirt and patterned skirt in the spirit of ‘more is more and less is a bore!’. But we’ll see how far I get with that one…



Jacket: Zaful
Top: H&M
Jeans: Topshop
Shoes: Stan Smiths



  • Amanda Wood

    This jacket is so cute! xx


  • Loving the embroidery trend too!
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  • You are really into Gucci are you ahhah (like who doesn’t right!) I love seeing people adding staple pieces to their wardrobe, that gives me so much inspiration to my own style also! Keep doing so! Btw, the jacket is looking good!

    xx Margaret

    • Yessssss I cannot deny my obsession! Haha.

      Thanks for commenting Margaret, I hope that you’re doing well! Your blog is looking amazzzzzing, I’m obsessed with your writing! Hope it’s all going well for you 🙂


  • This is absolutely gorgeous – loving the jacket! Perfect for all year round!!! 🙂

    Layla xx


    • Isn’t it just! Never thought I’d go for such a colour like sky blue but it seems to fit within my closet perfectly 🙂


  • how perfect is your jacket? i just love it so much as leather jackets usually are a bit too edgy for my style but this one looks perfect.


    • It’s definitely a bit more on the feminine side rather than looking too tough!

      Thanks for the kind comment lovely 🙂 x