Get the Los Angeles Loft Style with Urban Outfitters

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I can’t believe that it’s already been over 3 months since we got back from Los Angeles! This year is seriously whizzing by, it feels like was just yesterday when we booked our flight. I’ve posted a few pictures of the seriously incredible Airbnb that we stayed in on my Instagram and each time, you guys have been just as stunned as I was! #interiorgoals

We knew that we wanted to stay in Downtown L.A (although if you read my travel guide, it perhaps wasn’t the best area to stay for traveling) and I instantly fell in love with this place online. It is insanely picturesque – as the photos go to show – and had such a relaxed, L.A vibe about it. I’ve always envisioned living in an open loft space with green plants and exposed brick. Let’s be honest, I was living my Claire Marshall dream.

In all honesty, there wasn’t quite enough storage space for myself. I really wanted to unpack my suitcase so I felt more at home and found that there just wasn’t enough space for all my items! But it did make me consider everything I had brought because it was all out in the open – nothing to hide here.

Unfortunately, I didn’t capture the rest of the place – such as the kitchen, hallway and bathroom – but I’ll link the Airbnb here so that you can take a look at the photos yourself. I definitely could see myself living here, maybe once I’ve successfully Kon Marie’d my life! Haha. Make sure to use my discount to get £25 credit when you sign up to Airbnb!

If you want to get the laidback, L.A vibe in your own place then I’ve linked some great products from Urban Outfitters Home section. They are my go-to for any home decor as they have exactly the type of style that I’m looking for! Cozy rugs, linen bedding and gorgeous wick chairs.

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