Why Dr Martens are the Unexpected Boot on my Winter Wishlist

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It’s easy to spot trends arising on Instagram and as of late, Dr. Marten’s have been the most surprising shoe trend that I’ve noticed popping up in my feed again and again.

I’m going to attribute the rise of the chunky boot to the success of the ugly shoe, those ‘dad trainers’ with chunky soles that we have all grown to love. Trainers such as the Fila disruptors and buffalo boots have been gaining in popularity as the grunge aesthetic and preference for comfortable shoes continues to dominate the fashion industry. Even sandals like the Teva and Crocs (say what you will) have been taken in by the fashion designers who are desperate to be the ones to make the ugly, covetable.

As 90’s styles continue to be a popular source of inspiration for many in 2018, then it perhaps it comes as no surprise after all that many of these styles are making a comeback.

What I like most about this trend, is how fashion editors and bloggers are making the shoe relevant to our contemporary style today. I never thought that Dr. Martens would fit my personal style and aesthetic, but I have been convinced otherwise by these stylish women who have shown us how to incorporate the heavy duty boot into our everyday wardrobes.

Not to mention the fact that these boots truly were made for walking and are the perfect pair of heavy-duty boots for the winter season.

It was back in college when I first even considered the idea of purchasing a pair of Dr. Martens. I suppose it was when I was going through a bit of an ‘indie’ stage, thrifting clothes from charity shops and constantly browsing the Urban Outfitters site. At the time, one of my friends had a pair of patent white Dr. Martens which she wore with dresses and denim shorts. I was obsessed with her whole look so naturally, I contemplated the idea of getting myself a pair too.

Lots of brands have brought out their own versions of the chunky boot such as Proenza Schouler’s velvet combat boots, as worn by Lucy Williams, which has made me realize just how versatile these boots are. From the choice of fabrics to any extra details such as chains or ribbons, to whether you wear a shoe, sandal or boot – it’s up to you!

(Can we also just have a moment for the fact that I’ve been writing ‘Doc Marten’ for the majority of this piece without clocking til’ the very end…)

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What do you think to the Dr. Marten trend? Will you be investing in a pair for this Winter? Let me know in the comments below!

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