Why I’m Rooting For Twitter

Twitter celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this year, but it also more recently announced that it was in a bit trouble. Why? Quite simply, as of lately not enough people have been signing up to the app and it’s in trouble of fading away into the social media app cemetery. But I’m actually fairly confident that Twitter will remain as one of the vital social media apps along with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

I must admit that my journey with Twitter has been a bit of a bumpy ride. When Twitter first launched, I was reluctant to open an account. Unlike Instagram, it took me a long while to finally get myself on there and I was really unsure of how to use it. Then, like many other teenagers, I began the frantic posting, sharing the small, intimate details of what I had for breakfast that morning and what colour I decided to paint to my nails. Stuff that was obviously of real interest to my family and friends following me… Then, I guess I got a bit disinterested and stopped posting all together.

Until I decided to create an account for this blog here, Atelier of Style (you can follow me here, if you wish). Again, it was a slow rekindling of a relationship, but now I post on Twitter almost everyday and I’m always updating my feed to see ‘what I missed while I was away’. So I thought I’d break down for you a few reasons why I think Twitter still deserves its place and how to use it for those of you who might be unsure.

  1. It’s so easy to instantly CONNECT
    The great thing about Twitter is that you can ‘@’ someone so easily. I’ve tweeted people within the fashion industry for potential internships and find new bloggers who I regularly speak to! It’s so easy to get and stay in touch with people who aren’t necessarily within your close circle.
  2. It’s great to find jobs within the otherwise (seemingly) closed off fashion industry.
    Like I said, it’s so easy to get in touch with people within the fashion industry, and I wouldn’t be so surprised if they give you a tweet back!
    It’s also really easy to keep updated with new jobs and internships available in the industry. @fashionworkie are always posting and updating their twitter with work available.
  3. There are some great communities on there. Search hashtags #fbloggers and #bbloggers
    If you’re wanting to grow your following as a blogger, then get involved with the community! These hashtags are great as people normally spark up topics for discussion which you can get involved with.
  4. I keep being added to the ‘Fashion Bloggers to Watch’ list by people I don’t know… which is I guess is encouraging?
  5. 140 Characters make for some great re-tweetable quotes
    We all love a good quote.
  6. You can now retweet your OWN tweets! I think this will make for some great new #throwbackthursdays
  7. It’s more instant than ‘breaking news’, you’ll certainly see it on Twitter first.
    Twitter is so instant and alive. Whether it’s continuous updated news of an event (don’t go on Twitter if you follow people who watch your favourite TV series and you aren’t at home *spoiler alert*), or the first insight into a scene of a breaking news event from locals elsewhere in the world. You’ll find all the info you need to know on Twitter.

I think the place where Twitter falls down is, how does it benefit companies creating unique content and driving viewers to their site? What can really be done on Twitter for businesses? I am glad to say that this is certainly something that Twitter are trying to tackle (if you can’t already tell by the amount of emails that you’ve been getting the past few months on how to use your Twitter for Business).

There’s still a bit to go, and probably still a lot of people who still don’t see the need for Twitter in their life! Which is fair enough. But if you are wanting to connect with other people, especially those in the fashion industry, then I would say you definitely need to be signed up.

If you’re on Twitter, give me follow! @heatheribberson