Chic on Nerja Coastline

This day – on my holiday to Spain – we visited a popular city called Nerja. This place was a certainly a lot more touristy than some of the places we went to, with lots of shops and restaurants. But it still managed to retain that sense of awe that I experienced from a lot of the smaller nearby towns and villages. The view from the coastline of Nerja was incredible and looked very peaceful amongst the hustle and bustle of the busy town behind.

I think I have somewhat of an obsession with wide-leg striped pants. I think they look so chic, effortless and beyond that are suuuuper flattering. I actually had a pair from H&M last year that I loved, but unfortunately made that classic mistake of buying the only size they had left just because I loved them that much. Safe to say I never got round to getting them adjusted and sadly wore them just the once *slaps wrist*. It’s certainly worth ensuring that you get the perfect fit in these pants, checking that they flatter you and bring you in at the waist, otherwise they will drown you.

I managed to nab this top in the Zara sale. Lord knows how, and it’s safe to say that I will never set foot inside the Zara store on Oxford Circus during sale period ever again. But then again, I wouldn’t have stumbled upon this beauty! However, whether it was worth the 45 minute wait in the queue is up for debate… The top was originally designed to be a shorter crop, but not one for flashing my stomach I went for a size larger. The big, metal circles exude that minimal, Celine vibe that everyone wants to get their hands on and were definitely a deciding factor in me purchasing. I don’t like to follow the rules in fashion – if I think a top works better worn back-to-front, then I’ll do just that! There certainly shouldn’t be any ‘rules’ when it comes to style, so I love to wear this top with both the straps up, both down or one up and one down! I always get compliments when I wear this top so it was certainly a steal.

Have you ever visited the south of Spain before? Leave me some of your favorite places to go in the comments below!



Top: Zara
Trousers: H&M
Sandals: French Connection
Bag: Mango