How to work with Blonde Eyebrows

I don’t really do many ‘how tos’ on this blog and I figure that’s probably why I haven’t yet got round to doing this post, but I thought that – being a blondie myself – I would share my wisdom and my trials and errors with makeup products over the years in order to help out some more fellow blondies!

Now if you, like me, have very fair, faint hair on your body then you know that whilst this comes as an advantage in some areas of the body (i.e the legs), it means that I literally look like I have no eyebrows or eyelashes when I’m makeup free. The hardest bit of this is, of course, finding an eyebrow product that actually looks natural and coats my hairs, without just drawing around them. Which is what mainly happens with pencils, as they don’t actually colour and coat the hair’s themselves, leaving them looking very unnatural. Also, finding the RIGHT colour of product is difficult, as you’ll find that many eyebrow pencils – especially those in the drugstore – are far too red/warm in colour, which is absolutely what you don’t want for any eyebrow.

Get them dyed as often and when you can

This is probably the best solution as it means that when using a pencil, you don’t have to worry about there being that contrast between the light and darker colour of the pencil because you’re eyebrows are already darker! It also means that if you truly want a makeup free day, then you don’t have to worry about filling in your eyebrows! Saves hours, and it always makes everything look ten times better.

You will get better and longer lasting result if you go have them done professionally, but don’t rule out home dying either! Be sure to use a dark brown colour over blonde (I promise it won’t look too dark) for a longer-lasting colour and better results.

Choose a pencil with a cool/grey undertone

I promise you, that there is nothing worse than filling in your eyebrows with what is marketed as a ‘blonde’ pencil, to find that the finished result is a pair of red eyebrows! It doesn’t look good and instantly looks fake. It’s quite hard to tell whether a product will come out as red or not by just a thin stripe on the back of your hand, so I’ve written the products that I’ve found to work and the ones that haven’t down below! So check that out, I promise it will save your time, money and your eyebrows.

Use a liquid pen after a pencil to draw in extra eyebrows

I would love to get thick, and full eyebrows, but it’s so hard when your eyebrows are blonde as a white sheet as they just end up looking unruly! I never used to use a liquid pen, but actually, I’ve found it to be the perfect solution to coating the hairs with colour and drawing in strokes of extra hairs (after outlining with a pencil) to get that more realistic and natural look. The best one I’ve found so far for this is the pen that comes with the Soap and Glory Archery.

Don’t be afraid to go one shade darker

The beauty of being blonde haired is that we can literally have it all! After all, our eyebrows are – literally – a blank canvas that we can draw on. We already get that Kim K bleached brow editorial look with no effort required, but we can also look great with dark brows too! In most cases, if you want your eyebrows to stand out a bit more, don’t be afraid to go for a colour one shade darker. It will still look natural and give you more definition, especially if it’s for an event where flash photography will be used, you certainly want to make sure your eyebrows don’t get bleached out in the photos!

What to Look for in Products:

  • A sturdy, cool/grey toned brow pencil
    anything too creamy will not stick to your brows and come off during the day.
  • A thick pomade
    by this I mean, you don’t want a brow pomade that is too creamy as it will slip ‘n’ slide all over your brows and is likely to wipe off after one touch.

My Brow Routine

1. Brush eyebrows upwards with a spoolie

2. Fill in the front of your brow with a sturdy pencil.

3. Brush the arch of the eyebrow down, and fill in the hair’s underneath, to make for a fuller looking brow.

4. Brush hair’s back up and fill in rest of brow and the tail.

5. Dip an angled brush into pomade/cream product. Crave out arch under eyebrow, then work through rest of brow.

6. Use a liquid pen to fill in any sparse areas. Use small, brush strokes to create the illusion of real hair.

Products/Brands I Love:

Soap & Glory (all brow products):

I have tried both the Archery Eye Pencil and the Archery Brow Tint and loved them both! I prefer the latter just for the brow tint, but it does have a thicker pencil than the other Eye Pencil, which is a bit more comparable to the fine nib of the Anastasia products.

Sleek Brow Kit:

I LOVE this product! My sister has the Benefit Brow Zing, and it basically is just a dupe of that but for half the price! And the product itself is still extremely good as well which is great. It comes with a gel/cream and a brow powder, as well as the tools to use the product as well, such as an angled brow brush. I use this product everyday now, it’s perfect!

Eylure Brow Pencil:

This product is a fairly new one in my routine, but it has quickly become a staple. The colour is just right, the undertone is the just rightundertone and the pencil has the perfect consistency. The only thing is that you have to sharpen the product (which often I don’t like as the product can often get ruined if you use a bad sharpener), but I would love to try the Brow Crayon from them that comes in a twist up form!

Benefit Goof Proof Eye Pencil:

This is a new product on the market from Benefit and it has been loved by the beauty community! And for all the right reasons. I love how Benefit always come up with new inventions in beauty with their products, and although you may be dubious at the look of them, don’t be afraid! After using, you will wonder why on earth you hadn’t found a product like this before. I have been using colour Number 2.

Anastasia Beverley Hills:

Perhaps I’m cheating a bit here, I haven’t actually tried any of the Anastasia brow products but I have just heard from many that they are incredible for blondes. They have the correct cool undertone, the pomade is not so creamy that it’s slippery and the pencil has the perfect sized nib for drawing in extra hairs. I can’t wait to invest!

Products that didn’t work:

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil:

I believe that the closest color they have to Blonde in this line is Hazel, which is still quite dark. The last time I tried it, it had a really warm and red undertone which made for some horrendous looking eyebrows during High School.

NYX Eyebrow Pencil:

Unfortunately, it was the same situation with this pencil too. A swatch on the hand looks deceivingly perfect, but when a few strokes are applied on the brows you can begin to tell that the undertone is very red. After I had finished filling in my eyebrows, I was left with a set of twinning bright red brows. It was so noticeable that I had to wipe them off.

I’ve since found there is another light colour called Taupe that looks a lot more grey toned than the Blonde. If you are wanting to try this pencil, I would certainly go for Taupe over Blonde.

In the Middle:

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade:

This is one that is stuck in the middle of my opinions. I love the colour Blonde, it’s a perfect match for my brows and I use the NYX Pro Dual Brow Brush  which is perfect companion to use with the product. The only thing is that because the consistency of the product is creamy, I feel like someone could come and steal my brows with one swipe of the finger. This is typical of a lot of high street/drugstore products, but it is still workable. Just probably not the best for wearing in warm, sweaty weather, or you may be left with no brows at the end of the day.

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Photography by Thomas O’Donoghue