Heather Ibberson, curator of Atelier of Style.

 Atelier of Style

is a blog focused on the creation of style in fashion, beauty and lifestyle founded in 2014 after various explorations in the online digital fashion space.

Atelier of Style is a place for Heather to express her fashion narrative through editorial style imagery and her love of story telling. Heather documents her daily style, a mixture of feminine and masculine looks, to inform and inspire her readers to grow and develop their own style, whilst being unafraid to occasionally experiment with seasonal trends.

Heather Ibberson

Currently living in London completing her BA (Hons) in Fashion Journalism, Heather has created multiple pieces of work which showcase her skills in styling, writing, photography and graphic design. Heather uses Atelier of Style as a way to express her creativity in these areas to create visually exciting content for her readers that is accompanied with informative and interesting written content.