She was a Surfer Girl

Remember in a previous post when I was talking about my different alter-egos? I mentioned that one of them was a beach-y, LA surfer girl… well, I certainly felt this way on this day trip down to Amado. A popular surfing beach on the West Coast of the Algarve, Portugal.

The plan was to get down to the beach with our body boards and enjoy a day spent in the sea and relaxing. However the day got off to a rather bumpy road. See, sticking to a map and not a sat nav can be a tricky scenario, and if you’re not careful… it can lead you along some rocky hills. Which is precisely what happened to us! And trust me, being stuck thousands of feet above ground in a 6 seat family car is not the most fun of places to be. But it will certainly be a memorable one! I don’t think you can quite see the scale of how high we were in the image below, but trust me, it was probably my first off roading experience!

But alas, we headed back to the main road and a few miles down found a big sign that practically screamed ‘Amado THIS WAY!!’, much to our amusement! By the time that we got there, we were so tired and in a slight state of shock, that we decided that we just needed to sit down with a drink for a bit!

When searching the best surfing beaches in the Algarve, Amado isn’t one that I’ve seen to frequently pop up. But it’s certainly a popular beach amongst the locals, and with two small cafes located at the top of the beach, you’ll be struggling to find a set on a good day! It’s all worth it though, whether you’re a beginner or a well seasoned pro, you will enjoy what Amado beach has to offer.

I’ve never actually tried surfboarding before, the close I’ve ever got has been paddle boarding… which I imagine isn’t quite the same. One day though…


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