What’s in My Evening Clutch

A clutch bag is a girls best friend. I did just switch out diamonds for a clutch bag which is debatable, but nevertheless, it doesn’t make the statement any less true does it ladies?

Any fellow woman will know that her bag is her trusty companion. If we were without her (i have chosen to call gender the bag as a ‘she’), we would truly feel lost. Us ladies, tend to carry our whole life in our bags. We are ready for any scenario, event, mishap, or whatever life chooses to throw in our way – even though we inevitably end up forgetting at least one thing.

But when it comes to our evening clutches, we find ourselves in a bit of a predicament. We are physically restricted in how much we can practically squeeze into our small bags, but at the same time we want to make sure that we get all the absolute essentials in there.

Although Christmas is still a while off (but trust me, it’ll be here before you know it), I feel like the start of Autumn always brings along that party season vibe with it. So, if you are already getting your festive preparations underway or you’re perhaps just curious to see what my top 6 clutch essentials are, then keep reading!


the non-negotiator’s

1. Phone

A bit of an obvious one here I’ll admit, but it’s one of the most important! Can we ever go without our phones? Make sure that it’s fully charged before you leave the house so you won’t miss any good selfie opportunities.

2. Small Purse

I don’t know about you, but my regular every day purse is rather large. After all, it has to fit all my cards, spare change, loyalty cards, id and usually a handful of old receipts too. So when I’m headed out for the evening, I always pop just the essentials in a smaller purse to ensure that my clutch still closes!


the emergency kit

3. Body Tape (a.k.a boobie tape)

Although not quite necessary for the outfit that I had on for this particular evening, in previous occasions I’ve found boob tape to be an absolute life saver. If you’re wearing a strapless top or a low V dress, these handy double-sided sticky tape will stop you from giving anyone the accidental slip and save you the embarrassment, especially if it’s a work do!

4. Hair Bobble

If you like to party and dance hard, then a hair bobble is a lovely treat for the end of the night. When you want to slip your hair up and feel the cold breeze on your neck, then you’ll be thankful that you bought this handy fella with you. You will always find me sporting an up-do halfway through a night out.


the beauty essentials

5. Pressed Powder

The pressed powder is a savior to save us from the dreaded (and unfortunately expected) sweaty forehead. Choose either a translucent powder or a foundation powder in your shade to top up during the night to keep the oil at bay.

6. Perfume

Perfume instantly lifts your mood in the second of a spritz. And who doesn’t love to smell good? The purchase of a small, travel friendly bottle in your favourite scent is an essential for every girl on a night out. My smelly of choice is YSL’s Black Opium, the perfect musky, sexy and seductive evening scent.

If anyone is on the hunt to find the perfect clutch bag for the festive season (or any evening occasion), then you should definitely check out English brand Mimi and Thomas. They have such a large selection of stylish and modern bags for any woman looking for her perfect companion to compliment her evening attire.

When they got in touch to kindly gift me one of their bags, this nude/blush clutch with gold studded trimming was an instant win with me. The bag is also the perfect size to fit all my essentials into as it’s slightly larger than any of my other clutches.

If any bag on the website grabs your attention, then I have a 20% discount code exclusively for my readers! So if you’re treating yourself – or perhaps even treating someone else (Christmas present, hint hint) – then be sure to sure the code “atelier20aw” at the checkout!

Clutch: Mimi and Thomas
Dress: Topshop


Have I missed any products that you think are your top evening essentials? I’d love to hear what they are in the comments!