Rose Tits Tee

Ever since I saw Marie Churi-Grazie’s first collection at Dior, I’ve been hooked on getting myself an embroidered mesh tee. I usually shy away from mesh material, finding that it looks a little bit too grunge for my style but in the case of this rose embroidery, I quite like it!

I do feel really inspired by the SS17 Dior collection. Perhaps more so now what I did upon first viewing (did anyone else find the slogan tees a little too obvious and cringe to begin with?). I loved the tulle skirts and dresses, the use of the Dior slogan on the straps of bralettes and bags and particularly the┬áreferences to astrology throughout. After all, it’s all up to destiny.

I tried to match this sense of fragility with the strong, fighting woman that Marie showed us throughout the collection, combining the sheer top with formal, white tailored jacket. All I would have needed to complete the look for an evening occasion was a nice fitting white or black blazer and some white court shoes to complete the look!

Since we’ve got into astrology (once you get me started I can’t stop)… I thought I might let you in on something that I was only just recently told myself concerning star signs. So apparently, our zodiac personality is represented by our Sun Sign. This is the sign that we are most familiar with and the ones that we are all likely to know which we are. Our sun sign dictates our overall zodiac personality, but surprisingly once people find out their moon sign… they are shocked at how close it reflects their true emotions and moods.

You have probably already heard the idea that the moon affects our mood, for instance the appearance of a full moon in the sky is said to have a larger affect on our moods due to larger gravitational pull that it will have on our bodies (the theory is that as our bodies are around 75% water, the moon’s gravitational pull on tides in the ocean could have the same effect on the water inside our bodies).

Whether you are fully committed to the belief of not, I do find it incredibly fascinating and would love to hear if you find that your moon sign scaringly represents your emotions more closely! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts on the results and ensure that you have a pretty good idea of the time when you were born to get the most accuracy.


Sunglasses: Roberto Cavalli
Top: Shein
Bralette: Monki (similar here)
Trousers: Topshop
Trainers: Stan Smiths