Halloween Special / Darkness Falls

It’s yet again that time of the year when you better have placed your sweets outside the door… otherwise you might be in for a nasty trick. The night of Halloween seemingly always the quietest night of them all.  It’s synonymous with shorter days and nights spookily becoming longer as darkness falls. Darkness. It lurks behind every corner and at the end of every alleyway. There’s a chill and eerie atmosphere that whispers in the air and sends shivers down your arms. The moon glows sliver light from behind the clouds in the night sky, at least there’s someone watching over you. 

Whatever it may be you’re doing tonight, be sure that by the midnight hour you’re wearing you’re finest mask. Or the spirits may grab you for a ghoulish task.

Halloween for me has always been one of excitement and suspense. Ever since I remember as a young girl, my mum would delight in decorating the house from head to toe in decorations: spider’s cobwebs covering the ceiling, tombstones, talking pumpkins, witches hats, skeletons. All accompanied by the chilling sounds of an old Halloween CD that was brought out every year (and to which the cat’s screams I can still recall).

We would throw a party and invite all the neighbours and our friends round to partake in a range of halloween themed games that I thrown myself into the task of researching for. After a few rounds of apple dunking and ghoulish sweets, we would head out onto our streets for some trick or treating. Here, I would always relish in the suspense at waiting for someone to open the door and would glee in delight as the adults gave their best shocked faces, exclaiming how ‘horrifying’ we looked (wish ironically made us happy).

Even looking back upon my Halloween now gives me chills. The chills you get when you look back upon amazing memories and wonder, if only you just could reach back into time and grab hold of even just a second of those moments again. As I have become older this tradition has got lost, swept away into the darkness. Recreating this images and trying to enrapture a sense of halloween – that wasn’t a themed night out at a club in a bunny outfit – brought back that strong smell of burning, wet and rotting pumpkin. And I realised just how much I have cherished and still long for those moments.

So whatever you are doing tonight, I wish you a Happy Halloween and ask that you relish and indulge in those magical moments and capture that childlike excitement once again. If you truly wish to stay alive on this night and any other night of our lives, it’s something that we must do. 

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Boots: New Look
Lipstick: Topshop Ruthless

Photography by Thomas O’Donoghue