Off-duty Double Denim

Denim for us feels rebellious, youthful and independent.

Double Denim. The term practicality causes our insides to shrivel up in immediate dismissal. The phrase has somehow come to signify a fashion “faux pas” as much as ‘Grey on Grey’ does. For me, fashion has no rules as we cannot truly have our own style if we let ourselves be restricted by the bounds of what someone else deems to be good or not.

During the past few seasons I’ve noticed denim creeping back onto the catwalks and a rise in the consumption of the Jean Shirt, that is slowly becoming a part of  the ultimate basic and casual t-shirt along with the white tee. Without a doubt do we owe our denim obsession to the Levi 501’s, a brand who epitomises cool and raw denim. Any mention of denim and Levi comes to mind with vintage shops brimming with Levi denim shorts and jackets to be snatched up by the cool street girl gangs.

In the most recent SS16 catwalk collections, designers showcased total oversized, baggy denim looks complete with distressed and raw edges. I think this movement back to denim comes from our on going nostalgia – especially with the 90’s – and our on going fear of no longer being able to capture something that feels ‘real’. Denim for us feels rebellious, youthful and independent.

I wanted to try to simplify the denim look to two basics. Skinny jeans and a Shirt. Whenever trying out a new ‘trend’ or look, I think its best to test the waters first and go back to basics. The indigo blue colour being the overall dominating colour of this shoot, as this is the absolute key component of any denim outfit. This look doesn’t feel as rebellious with its clean edges and sleek silhouette but it’s still a statement. I was inspired by the Denim off-duty look that Gigi Hadid was exuding in a recent Guess Campaign and instantly knew it was something I wanted to recreate. A more accessible outfit that still holds it’s ground.

Shirt: Monsoon*
Jeans: River Island Molly
Boots: H&M

Photography by Thomas O’Donoghue