Quirky Girls

Fashion’s new obsession which is arguably an ‘pretty-ugly’ aesthetic.

I’m still obsessing over Gucci’s Fall 2015 collection where the models on the catwalk looked like they’d walked straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. Alessandro Michele has reinvented Gucci in a way that I haven’t seen since Tom Ford, creating fashion’s new obsession which is arguably an ‘pretty-ugly’ aesthetic. I was at first reluctant to get on with the fur sliders after seeing Ugg’s version a few years back in store and being horrified at the sight. But it seems that we’ve slowly become accustomed to the look and it’s now one of the most covetable items from the collection.

I’ve always been a fan of a patent brogue shoe and wore a pair throughout my entire time at high school (I wish I had a photo of this now, because nothing ever happened unless there’s a photo of it right?). With the recent revival in gender neutral and androgyny there’s every type of patent brogue at my disposal! I could have quite have easily chosen my two strap heels to pair with this outfit, but I wanted to push my own boundaries and try something a bit different. I enjoy the block heel on this shoe which I think that rather than making the shoe more feminine, actually emphasises the masculinity of the shoe in design.

I’ve also been meaning to photograph this jumpsuit for ages as it’s one of my most worn items in my closet. It’s literally perfect, day or night. I think that’s why I took so long to publish it! I wanted to get it right.

Recently I have been feeling in a bit of a slump, I was trying my hardest to get myself productive, spending more time in the uni library and planning more content for the blog. But the spark wasn’t there. I couldn’t figure out why! I was still engaging with content online as much as I normally do, and I think the fault perhaps lied in the fact that I was overwhelmed with all the different types of content I was viewing. that I had TOO many influences and I had lost my way. It wasn’t til’ I stumbled upon Fashion Bloggers TV on Youtube that I felt a spark inside reignite again. My passion came flooding back to me and I reminded why I’m here doing this, because I’m SO passionate about it!

I think whenever creative people focus too much on planning content, the numbers and statistics they loose sight of their passion for what they’re doing. Once that spark is re-ignited I literally felt alive again! That’s why I’m sat here writing this blog post at half past midnight on a Thursday night, feeling enthusiastic and my head buzzing with ideas. Bedtime yoga anyone?

Jumpsuit: Zara
Cropped Jacket: Monsoon
Shoes: Next

Photography by Thomas O’Donoghue