New Edition: Essential Fall Coat

I’ve begun to realise how important these small acts of continuous self-expression and discovery are.

I’ve recently been thinking about what makes a person interesting. What is it about someone that makes you want to know more about them? Overall, it’s essentially who that person fundamentally is at their core. What are their passions and interests, what do they read/watch and engage in? But in order to personally develop yourself, you must find ways in which to express and uncover your passions and thoughts through creativity.

How many of us used to scrapbook when we were a kid? How many of us used to collect things throughout primary school? I know I certainly did (and yes I still do have my collection of fairy ornaments in my room at home). But somehow along this path to adulthood, this things of self-expression – which may seem meaningless now – seem to have disappeared as we have become pushed to fit into society’s mold of these formal, structured and rigid strategies of thinking and producing work. But I’ve begun to realise how important these small acts of continuous self-expression and discovery are.

As much as I’m eager to find something to start collecting, I think that as a gemini, I’m most definitely a collector of knowledge. Knowledge in small and vast amounts that is. I am that person who gets a real thrill when walking into a library that is full of books and I’m always one to take a free copy of a magazine or zine whenever one is offered to me. And I collect them. I have a hard time getting rid of any of my books and magazines and only force myself once it’s really becoming a problem of literally have no space to keep anymore.

When it comes to this blog and everything surrounding what I’m creatively interested in, I knew that I most definitely wanted to learn more about photography. You see being so far away from home at university means that I don’t have Tom to regularly take my photos (booo). So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and… I was scared. To be on your own taking your own photos outside is a daunting task to begin with and certainly requires a certain level of confidence.

But in all aspects of life, you have to ask yourself whether you are going to live your life according to what you think someone else thinks. Before I took this photos, I thought to myself, ‘Am I going to let what I think someone else thinks determine what I want to do?’ The answer was of course, no! Why you ever let other people determine how you live your life? It’s YOUR life! So take control of that and OWN it.

Whilst taking these images I did encounter some odd looks with a mixture of confusion and interest, and I even had a police car come up to me to ask me what I was doing!! Crazy right? I said I was taking photos (duh).


OWN it.

This coat is a new purchase from Zara. I’m literally obsessed with outwear as I genuinely think that a good coat or jacket can instantly add extra jazz to your outfit. And especially with living in a colder country like the UK, it’s essentially the accessory that you wear every single day and so it definitely should be one piece that you love. I was attracted to this muted brown, mustard-y colour with its 70’s style bell sleeves and it’s shorter length – compared to most of my other coats – that I think looks great with dresses and A-line skirts where the coat falls just a little bit longer than the clothing underneath.

Have you bought a new coat for the Fall this year?

Coat: Zara
Top, Skirt and Shoes: Topshop