Not McQueen’s AW 1995, but more of a Westwood Anglomania rooted in Scottish heritage.

Raiding your mum’s closet is something I’ve actually come to doing a lot more as I’ve got older. Theres been countless times when I’ve stated my desire for something and she’s said “I used to have something just like that back in the 80s, but I threw it away” and I’m there like……. *inset unimpressed emoji* I think this statement alone justifies my unwillingness to throw anything away and hoarder tendencies.

So whilst I’m routing, I unearth this beauty. I couldn’t tell you where it’s from. It’s label is no more than a tag of a Scottish Wool Company, which makes it all that more special. It’s even more special for it story and memory that it holds for my mother and why she’s kept it for so long, despite no longer wearing it as it was especially bought for her by her mother. I know that I certainly will treasure many one off pieces that my own mother will give to me for a long time and thats what I love about clothing. Intertwined are precious memories that are deeply woven and embedded into every fibre and inch of that material.

It was interesting to style this item, as it’s such a statement piece in the fact that it purely is what it is. A true and original Scottish tartan skirt. It’s not been assembled and filtered down through the fashion system and turned into a ‘trend’ piece, and because of that it’s bold in it’s own right. I’ve always thought that if you want a trend piece, then why not go straight to the authentic creators? If sailor shirts are ‘in’, then go straight to the company who sell clothes directly to the sailors. Your item will look authentic AND will most likely not have the inflated price tag on it.

I knew I wanted this look to feel warm, and so added a cropped grey sweater that I tucked into the skirt. Because the skirt was so thick and voluminous, I added heels to make sure that I didn’t look too ‘blobby’ (technical term) which I felt modernised the skirt a little bit. It instantly brought to mind Vivienne Westwood’s tartan skirts (along with the safety pin, like can we just take a moment to appreciate that small detail) as well as McQueen’s infamous 1995 A/W collection, but that’s a whole other topic…

What are some of your favourite pieces you’ve found in your Mother’s closet?

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Photography by Thomas O’Donoghue