Let the good times roll

So, as if you haven’t heard me talk about it enough already, it was my 21st birthday last week! At the beginning of the week, I went to Sketch London with my friends and had the most spectacular afternoon tea and lets just be real, that place truly is the most Instagrammable of all (par the low, orange lighting. But a bit of good photo editing can sort that out). Then, I came back home up North and had a lovely, relaxed evening with family and friends at a cocktail that we’d hired out. I’ve had such a great week that I really wanted to document my time on here and hopefully give you some outfit/experience inspiration for any special occasion you have coming soon.

Currently I’m sat at home in my living room, suffering with the worst hay fever ever. My throat feels so dry and my head is all foggy that it’s making it really difficult for me to focus! After the hectic schedule of last week, this week seems to be going really slow, so looking back through these images transports me back to this joyful time! And even if you weren’t there, I hope that you can still find that too in this post.

Sketch, London

For my birthday, I knew that I wanted to make a happy and memorable experience with my friends rather than go on a big night out in London. I had seen loads of beautiful images from Sketch on various people’s Instagram, and knew that if there was one chance that I could justify spending money on a fancy afternoon tea, this was it. The decor and experience certainly didn’t disappoint, and I tried to enjoy the experience as much as I could without getting my camera out too much (I still grabbed as many images as possible though)! If you want to see where I got this dress from then check out this post here.

Brighton, England

After having lived in London for almost 2 years now, it was absurd that I had never taken a trip to Brighton. All of my southern friends were most surprised that I hadn’t ever been before, but as a northerner, it’s a bit of a trip down! I met Alfie at the Filler Podcast Live event, and we managed to keep in touch over Instagram. When he suggested meeting

up as he was soon heading to NYC (so jel) I immediately suggested a day in Brighton! It wasn’t the sunniest of days but regardless, I had a short but fun packed day and I will definitely be returning soon!

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Halifax, Yorkshire

Later in the week, I came back home for an evening celebration with my family and close family friends. Unfortunately I didn’t get many photos from the event itself which I was kicking myself about the next day. But I reminded myself that the reason was because I was too busy enjoying myself and chatting to everyone that I didn’t get the chance – which ultimately is a good thing!
Thankfully, the memories made will definitely always be in my mind.

The venue we had it held in was perfect for the vibe that I wanted: relaxed, chilled, airy and light. We had an outdoor area and thankfully, the weather held up and it was a lovely evening. I want to thank everyone who came and made it so special for me. I’m so grateful just for everyone who wished me well and felt so blessed to have received such thoughtful gifts from people when I was not expecting it at all.

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