As I’m writing this post, I’m sat outside on a terrace in Portgual, sipping a cup of coffee freshly brewed from the filter. I’m shaded, but the 30 degrees heat creates a warm shawl around my bare legs and arms. I’m not sure what time it is, in fact, I have barely found myself looking to check the time in the past three days. When you take each day and moment as it comes, time is non existent. Only where the sun rests in the sky is my watch these days, the rest is a full long day dedicated to doing whatever it is that I wish… whenever I want.

All of the above sounds a lot like paradise, and it probably has a lot to say as to why it’s been a little quiet over here. But that’s not to say that I have been creating content! Oh no no. With views as beautiful as these, it’s hard for me to NOT put my camera down!

There’s this crazy thing about a loss of time when you’re on holiday. Also, being here with my little niece truly makes me appreciate the art of living in the moment. She has no idea where she is til’ she gets there, she doesn’t know where she’s going and where she’ll end up. She has no schedule for what’s happening tomorrow (never mind the week after), but she manages to make the most out of wherever she goes. We arrived in Portugal late on Thursday night, and ever since then we have been living on spontaneity.

Yesterday we took a stroll around a near town called Praia da Luz. Despite reasons why you may have heard of the place, it’s actually one of my favourite places to visit when we come here. The beach is golden and there are loads of water sport activities you can do in the sea that sports a gorgeous blue and green hue. There’s a cute little church bang in the middle of the town and lots of yummy shops to buy ice cream from.

You’ve seen me wear this number before on the blog, but I knew that it was going to be a perfect holiday companion. Easy to wear with sandals during the daytime but also perfect for an evening dinner with some heeled sandals. I actually found it in the sale when I went holiday shopping last week, so if you can still get to it then I’d highly recommend it! In heat like this, I either need a flowly maxi dress or as little fabric as possible on my body, I tried to go for the latter here.

I brought with me a new camera lens on holiday, so hopefully you’re seeing a lot of higher quality in these images! I absolutely love the way that the images are turning out, especially as I’m getting a lot more into my photography, it’s pleasing to see that my knowledge with manual settings is actually paying off on a nicer lens! 

Anyway I must get myself out of this chair, as I have some (late) morning poolside yoga to do!

Jumpsuit: Topshop (similar from ASOS here)
Sandals: French Connection (in sale)