Getting Shirty

As I’m writing this today, you’ll find me sat by the pool on my laptop, eating some avocado on rye bread listening to the best of Kygo on Youtube and wondering, could it possibly get any better than this? I think I have a pretty strong argument here that it quite possbily could not… (apart from the bad wifi connection, which could almost be in part blessing).

Waking up around 7 each morning gives me the time to slowly soak in the morning sunrise and leisurely drink my coffee, in a way I think that coffee should ought to be drunk. Then, just before the lunchtime heat hits, we set off on another adventure to a new part of town.

Today it was Lagos, a town that may be more familiar to some of you. Although there are one too many shops selling various items made out of cork (I’ve never quite understood this trend), the town itself is vibrant and full of energy by the locals who live there. The narrow streets put you in close proximity with other fellow tourists alike in a way that feels as if you’ve entwined yourself into part of the community.

I love the town for these streets and small passages which lead to beautiful white churches that gleam under the sun. It makes exploring all that more fun, and also makes for many places to stop to take photos along the way (much to the pleasure of other family members who have found themselves playing photographer).


You are constantly stimulated in Lagos with all your senses. Whether it’s the sights of palm trees and the gleaming blue sea, tourist guides trying to sell you the same grotto trip or the smell of hot pizza and taste of some the best ice cream in town, you won’t be left bored.

If you come to Lagos, park a little bit outside and walk around the Marina into town. There’s a selection of cafes on the front for you sip on a coffee whilst you watch the boats come in and out of shore, or even pick out which one you choose as your dream boat.

Then head on over the bridge into town, and get serenaded by the local music players who provide you with the perfect backdrop movie music for your walk. But be careful, you may find yourself – like my little niece Penny – leaving with a selection of pretty bags that you’ll want to wear all at once.

I have fallen head over heels with this blue shirt dress. Anything slightly maxi and off the shoulder has been my go-to lately, so this one was immediately a winner. There’s certainly another meal out on the cards during this trip, so I’ll dress it up with my brown sandals then. But meanwhile, I’ve been wearing my black sandals to their death already this holiday. Just as a heads up from woman-to-woman, if you are to purchase this dress (online especially), I would recommend sizing up as the shirt fabric is stubborn and doesn’t give a forgiving stretch around those hips!

Dress: Topshop
Sandals: French Connection