LFW Day One Recap

Gosh, it seems like months already since London Fashion Week, such is the fast pace of Fashion! I have been meaning to get this post up for your guys for a while, not wanting to miss the boat and regurgitate old news. But whilst writing this post, all my work managed to get deleted! Anyhow, seen as though it was my first season at LFW and I managed to test out some of photography skills whilst I was there, I did really want to create some short accounts of my time there to hopefully offer you some original imagery, a look at some new emerging designers as well as the established, and show you what a typical Fashion Week looks like.

Day One

8.24: (Missed) Train to London

Started my first day of Fashion Week on the right foot… by missing my train to London! So with a bit of rearranging I finally managed to hop on the next direct train and was making my way to London. Unfortunately this did mean that I did missed a few presentations that I was really looking forward to. This can usually happen for different reasons such as shows running late and so you end up missing the next one, or shows and presentations overlapping or happening in opposite ends of town.

Thankfully, due to social media I was able to catch up with all the shows that I missed! Including Angus Chiang, a colourful splash of colour from the eponymous menswear brand that is currently hoping to bag a LVMH prize award this year as we speak at Paris Fashion Week.

Also, one of my most coveted brands, J H Zane whose clothing pieces match so well with my personal aesthetic that I’m dying to get my hands on a piece. Love. As well as the Marta Jakubowski presentation that I was also so sad to have missed because it looked amazing! Tonnes of colour blocking and inner female strength, this collection felt very positive and inspiring.

5.00pm: Ashley Williams

Once I had finally arrived in London, dropped off my bags and freshened up for the day I headed up my first show which was Ashley Williams! Not a bad start to the day which had so far not exactly gone to plan. The show itself was such a great way to kick off my first day as it was such an anticipated collection from the young designer. Although I am from a Fashion Journalism background, there are lots of great reviews that you can read online for more informative pieces about the collection (as well as my own reviews that I’ve wrote for another magazine website that I’ll link as soon as available if you fancy having a nosey) but I personally loved the cowboy references from the hats to the cow print tassel tops. This was mixed with tartan prints and a more gloomy undertone with the use of slogans that wrote ‘misery’ and ‘save the planet’. Upon entering the BFC showspace, a soundtrack of birds tweeting set the scene for a couple lovingly canoodling on a bench and a collection of warm puffa jackets (yep, they are still in fashion guys) were the perfect party getaway for anyone wanting to escape a lame house party at 3am for some solitude and alone time in the garden.

5.30: Milo Maria 

I then quickly rushed over to Kings College for the Milo Maria presentation. Set in what looked like a retro 80’s office, models played the role of very stylish office workers, handling loans and speaking on the phones to clients amongst the office gossip – one model overheard saying ‘did you hear that she’s having an affair?’.  I loved the small details in this collection as a sucker for anything with loose tie detailing, which featured heavily throughout, to the use of materials (this was her first collection using knitwear) with this absolutely gorgeous pink velvet suit taking my fancy!

6.00pm: Paul Castello 

It was so much fun watching the Paul Castello show as a designer with such a strong British Heritage and the show was set in the incredible space of The Waldorf hotel. The collection featured lots of skin tight, latex coloured leggings that were paired with these incredible heavy duty boots, perfect for any winter walk.  As we moved towards the end of the collection, we saw some beautiful sheer lace pieces that were prefect for any Saturday Night. My favourite was a sliver metallic see-through maxi dress that stole my heart and looked amazing on the model. But best of all was when Paul Costello took his bow at the end and took the hands of a model to dance along to the 60s song ‘Another Saturday Night’ by Sam Cooke leaving everyone exiting the show with a massive smile on their faces.

7.00pm: Zeynep Kartal

Unfortunately, as often happens during Fashion Week, the Paul Castello was late starting and so I missed the Zeynep Kartal show that was across town. The collection was luxurious and elegant, whilst dressing for the modern woman. I particularly loved the blush purple/pink tones in the collection that were made in luxurious soft and whimsical fabrics, as well as the black leather pants that will be a staple in every girls wardrobe this Autumn.

9.00pm: Century Rooftop Party

To end my first day at London Fashion Week, I dragged my bestie to the Rooftop Party at the Century to celebrate the launch of the Womens Grooming Room. We stayed for around an hour, sipped on some vodka cocktails and took some Boomerangs at this incredible station that had the ultimate party ring light, before I asked the all important question ‘Shall we go get fries?’. And at 11pm, we headed off for some much needed grub to truly end Fashion Week in the correct fashion.