Quality over Quantity

Over the past few months (okay I lie, the past year) I’ve been trying to re-work my wardrobe. Pulling out all the pieces that I don’t feel are aligned with my style preferences anymore and instead, starting┬áto buy and invest in pieces that are good quality and will last me a lifetime.

Safe to say that leather jackets are a key staple in many peoples wardrobe. They are one of those pieces that are ‘worth the investment’ and are often most sought after in the colour black. But as you might have seen from a previous blog post, I have been experimenting with some – shock horror- colour! This time, I choose this deeper blue shade from Schott NYC, a company renowned for creating quality outwear, particularly leather jackets.

A bit of a more casual and laid-back outfit from usual this time, but instead I’ve put together a look filled with more high quality basics. With the jacket, I’ve paired a simple grey tee from Alexander Wang that feels so comfortable on with my new baby, my Rebecca Minkoff bag of course.

We’ve gone for a slightly different aesthetic in terms of the edit of these pictures and I’d love to hear your thoughts! Usually I’m the one who edits the photos as I try to keep a varying degree of consistency throughout the edits of all my posts, but having a photographer boyfriend who actually does photography for a career can┬ásometimes become a cause of conflict when both of us want to take control of an image. This time though, I left the editing over to him, which usually happens when he’s particularly excited about a set of images. Seen as though he was in a period of experimenting with colour grading, these images have quite a purple tint to them, something that is definitely different to my usual aesthetic.

So I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! I love having a little discussion with you all down there. I’m currently having a short stay at home with my family as there’s been a fair few family birthdays this past week (it seems I just surround myself with Pieces!) and after what a whirlwind February was for me, it’s definitely nice to have some home comforts. I hope that you’ve all had a lovely weekend, even if we have had a spot of bad weather!


Jacket: Schotts
T-Shirt: Alexander Wang
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Jeans: Next
Shoes: Zara