LFW Day Two + Three Recap

Day Two: Saturday

11.30am: Ceci

My first show of the day was Ceci, and as it was a fairly late start in the day for me I managed to recover from the craziness of yesterday and take my time to get ready for the day ahead. This was one of the shows that I was really looking forward to as I felt the brands aesthetic was in tune with my own personal style, that kind of effortless elegance (a phrase I kept attributing to a lot of the shows across the Week). The key, stand out pieces for me where the distressed denim tops, trousers, dresses and coats in a stunning intangible tuareg blue colour – the collection was inspired by stateless vagabonds, the Tuareg soul in us in a collection that sought after the ‘Pursuit of Solitude’.

Photography: Simon Armstrong

1.30pm: Edeline Lee

I then headed down to the Southbank to view the Edeline Lee presentation. Set against the backdrop of the worn-down OXO towers, this presentation was a multi-sensory experience. As you entered the space, pianist Belle Chen was performing a stunning solo piece that played along top of an auditory, monotone exploration of  ‘The Entertainment News’, discussing George and Amal Clooney’s twins to Kylie Jenner, increasing in rhythm to a frantic pace against the increasingly harsh piano melody. Usually one to shy away from colour, I was surprisingly drawn to the bold red and yellow pieces in the collection, as well as this stunning grey coat with blue ring detailing – just to keep things a little more neutral.

P.S I LOVE these images that I took from the presentation! The models were so playful and beautiful and worked the clothes beautifully, so taking these images was a breeze and they have to be some of my favourite.

Photography: me, myself and I – Heather Ibberson

3.00pm: International Fashion Showcase at Somerset House

We then took the rest of the day off to have a leisurely stroll around the exhibition that was held at Somerset House. A short walk across the bridge, we had a look around at the different designers that were showcasing their collections. Curated by the British Fashion Council, the theme of this year was Local/Global with the countries encouraged to explore how their designers can transform their local culture into a global language.

Day Three

10.30am: Roberts | Wood

I started off Day Three with the Roberts Wood presentation and it certainly set the bar high for the rest of the day! Walking into a dark, low lit room, models stood understood harsh warm lights between mountains of black umbrellas that to me, felt quite space age-y, as if we have been taken to the dark side of the moon. But I was far from reality, with the umbrellas actually used as a way for the designer to create a surrealist landscape out of an everyday object. I loved the contradictions in this collection, heavy coats were set against the delicate ruffles of lighter fabric, this play of concealing and revealing.

Again, it was difficult to capture some good images in dark light but for an amateur photographer, I don’t think I did too badly with these ones! What do you guys think? I’m available for bookings… 😉

Photography: Me, myself and I – Heather Ibberson

11.30am – Theo Vii

This season, Theo Vii took us on a spiritual journey into the world of the Shaman with a clever collection that tread between the supernatural and the everyday world. One element of the collection was full of beaded fringing and jewelled embellishment on black socks and jackets, and the other was a showcase of the designer’s eye for masculine tailoring, which was seen in the coats and trousers, all paired with loafers. A standout piece for me was the yellow, embellished jacket which had me on the edge of my seat, so beautiful! An overall impressive collection and uplifting show.

Photography: Simon Armstrong

1.30pm – Annderstand

It’s incredible to think that this is only designer Ge Yu’s second collection to date since Annderstand launched last year, as she has developed such a strong and solid identity for her brand already. I love that for this collection, she was inspired by 90s London which was evident in the leopard print coats, mini velvet dresses and the grunge hair and makeup which made the model look like she had been caught in a downpour of London rain.

Photography: Simon Armstrong


4.30: Cimone

Finally, I finished off the day with the Cimone show. It was easy to see that everyone was buzzing in anticipation for the show, which is no surprise seen as though Carli Pearson’s last collection received much acclaim from titles such as Vogue, Forbes and Stylist. We were all encapsulated as soon as the first model walked down the runway with her white eyes and face set against piercing black lips. Pearson’s previous experience at brands such as Alexander McQueen and Stella McCartney is clear in her ability to create stunning, sculptural pieces of clothing (arguably works of art) and the way she is able to manipulate both soft and heavier fabrics to her liking. There was an interesting mix of Elizabethan woman meets Geisha girl from both the hair and makeup to red, blue and black colours prominent throughout the collection to the starting whiteness of the models face. Overall, a collection and designer not to be forgotten any time soon.

You must request permission if you wish to use my photography, I will ask that you fully credit my images with my name.