Frill Seeker

In this fickle world of fashion, where a new trend seems to arise and then leave before you’ve even had a chance to get your hands on it, it’s almost remarkable that frills and ruffles are still going strong!

I have to admit, it’s a rather bold move for me to pick an item that incorporates at least three of this seasons biggest trends: ruffles, stripes and off the shoulder… overkill? Maybe, but I can’t deny that I LOVE it! Every time I wear this top I get a tonne of compliments. It’s certainly a piece that proudly asserts itself and demands to be seen, so it’s a great feel good look (did I really just say that?)

Admittedly, the ruffles do make it somewhat difficult to find suitable outwear to wear on top, so I find it best to go with my favourite oversized, duster coat. This one in particular is rather special as it’s from an exciting, young designer called Xiao Li. An emerging designer who was shortlisted for an LVMH prize for her experimental knitwear designs and labelled as the Business of Fashion’s Top 500 people shaping the fashion industry. So she is definitely a name to keep your eye on…

Not forgetting… these incredible sunglasses! I love how big and round the frames are at the front, without feeling too overwhelming 70s as they still have a rather flattering slight cat eye flick at the corners. And check out those Swarovski crystals at the side, swoooon.

I suppose I haven’t really spoke too much about my time at University on here, mainly because I wanted to keep the two separate (not to mention that it was made pretty obvious that the majority of my tutors didn’t support ‘blogging’). But now, as I have finally finished my course and am set to graduate from my Fashion Journalism degree, I find myself at one of the most exciting yet uncertain periods of my life. It’s a time of big change and decisions, but also of freedom and the chance to start to do something great.

If you’ve been following me and my journey on here, you might already be aware of a project I started called Construct magazine a few months ago. Well… I’m pleased to say that Construct is finished! I did print a limited amount of copies to get feedback as a pilot issue, but I’ll soon be putting a digital version online for you to browse. So I’ll definitely keep you updated with that, as I know I’ve had a few people interested already.


Top: Shein
Jeans: Topshop
Coat: Xiao Li (similar by Xiao Li here or cheaper here)
Shoes: Zara (similar below)
Sunglasses: Swarovski


Talking about clothes and sunglasses seems somewhat frivolous after yesterdays terrible news, I did in fact delay posting this because despite me believing that fashion is far from frivolous, I just felt it was insensitive. Only when something happens so close to home can you appreciate how it must feel for everyone involved in any of the terrible events that have taken place recently. But I do strongly believe that the strongest way to heal the world is by responding with love, conviction and a strong determination to put out good frequencies into the cosmos by doing what we love and not letting selfish people hold us back in fear. Be humble, and spread love.