Tiered Top and Safari Shorts


On the third day of our week in Salobrena, South Spain, we decided to head a small village near Malaga called Frigiliana. Before you ask, yes, I was out in the South of Spain whilst Love Island was on. Yes, we did still routinely watch Love Island (alas, a day behind). But no, I did not manage to bump into any of the Love Islanders whilst I was out there šŸ™

Frigiliana is hands down the most picturesque village that I’ve EVER visited in my life. In fact, the town has consistently won awards for being the ‘prettiest village inĀ Andalusia’ with its white-washed walls, red slate roof and pastel coloured doors, complete with various leafy, green plants tucked away in hidden alleyways and down cobbled streets.

I definitely want to do a Andalusia Holiday Travel Guide so I will go into more detail on the town there and showcase all the pictures I took – I literally could not stop snapping. But you can definitely get a feel of the place from these images and I just knew that I had to get some outfit shots in.

I’ve been meaning to show this outfit on the blog for some time now, but knew that it’s ruffled flamenco-esque sleeves would fit in perfectly with the Spanish backdrop. It’s certainly a bit more of a showy piece, but a clever update on the white shirt that still works perfectly for the day when teamed with a casual bottom.

I paired the top with these striped, safari shorts from H&M. A bit different for me as they have this boyfriend, ‘mom’ style shape which I’ve never had before. I wasn’t sure if they’d be a flattering fit, but I was pleasantly surprised with how they looked once I’d tried them on. I think it comes with the territory of the shift in fashion to a more loose and baggier fit > skinny, bodycon. Which I don’t mind at all!


Top: Shein
Bottoms: H&M
Shoes: French Connection