5 Minute Poolside Beauty


Attempting to reduce my makeup collection down into a small selection of products that will meet all my requirements on holiday, is always tricky. Thankfully, I have become quite the expert at learning to cope with the absolute minimal. Once upon a time, I could fit all of my makeup products into one small bag. Brushes and all! Then, well truthfully I started watching Youtube videos and all my money from my Saturday job started getting spent on Urban Decay and MAC makeup. Wasn’t long before my collection was struggling to fit into its own drawer!

So where am I going with this… well, ever since I had to quickly move to London with just one suitcase to hand, I’ve gone to living back out of one makeup bag. Admittedly, it is far bigger than the one I had when I was 13 years old, but still!! So when it came to packing for this holiday, everything was fairly simple – I just chucked in the makeup bag I was already using. Apart from the addition of a BB cream, SPF and all that good stuff, I was sorted!

I love wearing as little makeup as possible on when I’m away. Even with me barely stepping into direct sunlight on this trip, you still get that beautiful sun kissed glow where your skin just literally radiates light! So I thought I’d share with you just a few of the beauty products that I used (please note, SPF isn’t included in these images as I consider it more of a skincare item than makeup. But be sure to always re-apply SPF throughout the day!)

Products: Garnier BB PureActive Cream, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, Dior, Soap & Glory Wonderbronze, L’oreal Brow Artist, Two Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette, L’Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow

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Specifically, I want to draw attention to this product. I’ve been wanting to rave on about this little beauty for a while now, but never quite found the right time to. Well, the time is now. Unfortunately, this exact product isn’t available anymore as I purchased it last summer BUT, fear not, Dior have come out with another very similar product. Again, only available as limited edition so be sure to get your hands on it!

I love cream contour and highlight products, but good ones are tricky to come by. It needs to be the perfect balance of creamy yet solid, smooth yet not wet and strong colour but easy to blend. And I truly think that Dior have got this formula down to a T!

What are you beauty holiday essentials? Leave me a comment below telling me your Top 3 products!