Skincare Trend: Rose Products


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I’ve started noticing a trend as of late, and that’s rose infused skincare products. Having not always been massively into my skincare, I soon found myself with two rose products that I was regularly using on rotation. Which made me think… there must be something in this.

Low and behold, rose infused skincare is having quite a moment in skincare, with lots of new releases featuring the heavenly rose scent. So what’s the deal? Well, rose extract is a great source of Vitamin C and has lots of anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties.

I have really sensitive skin, thus I like to use products that will calm and reduce any redness on the skin. I always feel incredibly relaxed when I use products containing rose extract, so I thought that I’d share with you two of the products that I’ve been both using and loving recently.


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fresh rose face mask skincare spring 2018 trend

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First up, we have the Fresh Rose Face Mask which is one of their most iconic and loved masks. To start with, the smell is absolutely incredible. It’s not too overwhelming but has that lovely spa-like scent that I just want to bask in. I’ve been absolutely loving using this mask after cleansing and toning. It’s so easy to apply and I’ve genuinely noticed a positive difference in the texture of my skin.
I think this product will be great post flight as it’s so hydrating and soothing – I’ll be definitely be taking this on the plane with me to LA!

Next up is Pixi Beauty Rose Tonic, the sister to the iconic Glow tonic that I’m sure you’ve heard rave reviews about. I actually got the glow tonic for Christmas and have loved using it so much that I was interested in trying the Rose formula for it’s soothing benefits. As mentioned, I have quite sensitive skin with a bit of redness on the cheeks and using this product has genuinely reduced the amount of redness on my skin! Having never really used  toner before, this product has already become such a treasured item in my small – but growing – skincare collection.

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I’m thinking of doing a vegan beauty post next, would this be something you guys are interested in seeing? Let me know in the comments!