Out of The Trenches


A really simple and classic look on the blog today consisting of black skinny jeans, a white turtleneck and the main star of the show: the trench coat. Oh and, not forgetting my trusty stans. The trench coat has long been a staple wardrobe piece, an item is truly highlights the key differences between style and fashion -being the definition of style in a nutshell. Capable of time-travel, the trench coat has transcended time and decades of fashion. All this to say, that this is in fact the first trench coat that I’ve owned! Shock horror. But I’m so glad to finally have one in my hands and at a more than reasonable price point.

The trench coat was all over the Spring 2018 catwalks and is the perfect transition item as we’re still experiencing some cold weather over in the UK (can’t not mention the weather now can I). The trench is so classic, that we saw it’s camel hue re-worked in different fabrics (plastic and latex) and colors, as well as sliced up into shreds at Alexander McQueen.

These aren’t the best photos I’ve ever shot: slightly out of focus, bad composition, not my best outfit nor my best face. But at the same time, they are good enough. And I’m slowly trying to learn to accept that for a while, as I start afresh, I won’t be able to create the imagery that matches my personal taste and style. It won’t be quite perfect, and that’s okay. Because done is better than perfect. (Sheryl Sandberg)

I researched the phrase ‘in the trenches’ before publishing this post to make sure I wasn’t making any naive references and causing offence. I found that the phrase is now commonly used ‘to refer to somebody engaged in a long, difficult, and unrewarding task’. It seemed quite fitting to a stage I was recently going through with work and personal fulfilment, which is why I decided to change to this title to ‘out of the trenches’. I hope if you are going through a stage in your life, job, or situation that is making you feel unfulfilled, that you find the courage to start taking small steps to discovering and practicing things that make you happy. Life is made for living, after all.

P.s I just had my hair done and styled before these photos and you know what it’s like when you come straight out the hairdresses… it’s not quite how you’d style it and it needs a few more washes before the color feels perfect so, I promise my hair doesn’t look quite as grey as it does here!