Instagram Algorithm: The Honest Truth

best tips for how to beat the instagram algorithm

It seems like everyones mum, daughter and dog are talking about the Instagram Algorithm these days and more specifically, how to beat it. It’s almost like we’ve declared ourselves at war with the algorithm, with people shouting about their despair and pure hatred towards it.

Here’s my two cents on it: The Instagram algorithm is actually there to help you, it’s not against you. The fact is simple, without the algorithm it would be 10x harder for anyone to ever find your post.

When we exclaim about how much more engagement we got ‘back in the old days’ and ‘pre-algorithm’, I feel like we’re forgetting that there were less people on the platform back then too. Meaning, more people were able to find your post in a chronological order.

Now, most people are following between at least 700-1,500 people. On top of that, some of the top influencers can be posting anywhere between 2-5 times a day, adding even more posts into your feed. Could you imagine ever reaching the bottom of your feed now? If, like me, you are working a 9-5 and only get to really check your Instagram between short breaks a few times a day, I WANT to be able to see the posts from people I care about at the top of my feed. The majority of people I follow are other influencers, but I also want to make sure that I don’t miss posts from my sisters, mum or close friends. Some of whom may only post once a week – if that!

So, when was the last time you were able to scroll through your feed and reach the end? I know the answer for me – a bloody long time ago!

I’m not denying that it feels ridiculously hard for people with smaller followings to grow – I should know. And sure, sometimes Instagram gets it wrong and I end up forgetting about people who I do love to see because they’ve been hidden away in my feed for so long. In fact, it does sometimes even feel a bit elitist in that Instagram only favors people with larger followings to show and promote, offer the best features to etc etc (hello Instagram, I’m still waiting on my swipe up feature for stories. Help a gal out).

So, should you actually want some real, practical tips on how to use the algorithm, then heres the secret:

Create engaging content. It’s simply a matter of getting your followers to like, comment and engage with your images! So posting things for the sake of posting and meaningless captions just won’t cut it. Instagram want you to use their platform to it’s fullest potential. And it doesn’t hurt every now and then to ask your followers to like and comment on some of your recent photos if they would like to ensure that your images are coming up top.

Ultimately, it’s all about content, which is why I think it’s so important to continue to work equally as hard on a blog as an Instagram because you OWN your blog. No ones going to put an algorithm on your blog, or change anything about it without your permission and say so.

Sure, in the last few years Instagram has become it’s own sort of micro blog – which is amazing! And also a reason why I think we should quit complaining, because this free platform has enabled people to earn a lot a money by creating content they love. But I would never want to place all my bets and work on a platform which I ultimately do not own.

Should you have decided not to take my two cents on the matter (which is totally cool, we’re all allowed our own opinions!), then you may be pleased to hear that Instagram are trailing the chronological feed again. They have also just announced that they are changing their algorithm to make sure that newer posts appear further up your feed, so that you won’t be seeing pictures from 3/4 days ago etc.

Ultimately, I think that we should have the option to be able to toggle between either a chronological or algorithm feed – like Twitter allows you to do. This way, it is completely up to the user which they prefer! It would be interesting to see how much more people prefer the chronological feed now if they were able to have it back.

I would also love to see Instagram incorporate the feature that Facebook has – the ability to hide or mute posts from a certain person without unfollowing them. I would actually LOVE this! Who else would like to see this feature added?

If you’d like to hear some more about the algorithm start from the horses mouth – that is, the Instagram queen Eva Chen – then have a listen to this interview she did with WWD on her best Instagram Tips. Skip to 35.00 to hear her talk specifically about the algorithm!

I’d love to hear your opinions on the matter! So leave me a comment below with what your thoughts on the algorithm are after having a read of this 🙂