The City of Angels



Runyon Canyon Park

I’ve finally gotten round to sorting through all my images from Los Angeles. It seems like forever ago now since May, as so much has happened in between our return and the present moment. So apologies for the delay but, in many ways, it is quite bittersweet being able to fondly look back on these images and remember our time in the US.

I’ve said many times, but LA had always been a dream for me. I had big dreams, a wild imagination and hopes that the city would give me a new lift (in spirit, that is) that would encourage me to pursue my wildest passions. I’d seen a lot of LA through the lives of people who live there on social media and I felt something pull me to the city. When we got off that plane and stepped outside onto the pavement outside LAX, even after a gruelling 11-hour flight, I looked out at the palm trees, concrete car parking lots, looked up at the blue skies and felt a sense of euphoria wash over me. Here I was, after having spent all this time fantasising about the day that I would be able to step foot into what could, one day, be home.

Was LA everything I thought it was going to be? Yes, and no. I don’t think you can even quite explain it until you’ve been there yourself. Would I go back to and give a shot at living there? Absolutely. Many people have written short, essays about their thoughts on LA, each with conflicting views on the city of angels. I’ve scattered a few of my favourites throughout this post and hope you will find pleasure in reading them, to get a sense of what the city is like. Some are beautifully poetic, others are quite frank and funny in their remarks.

What I did most love about LA, as Isabel Marant says, is that you truly can have it all in terms of lifestyle. One day you’re in Venice at the beach, the next you can be hiking up the hills of Hollywood, then you’re back in the hustle of the city and DTLA. It truly is whatever you want to make of it.

If you haven’t already seen my L.A Travel Guide, then make sure you check it out and jot down some places that catch your interest for when you visit. It’s super handy and easy to read, I split my recommendations into all the main 4 areas of LA so that you can plan what to do for each location. I found that really helpful when I was making my itinerary so I could get the most out of each day!

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Venice Beach Skateboarding Park

Mansur Gavriel

“In Los Angeles, you can have the city life and feel like you’re on holiday at the same time” – Isabel Marant



Griffith Observatory


Isabel Marant

infinity room the broad museum

Infinity Room – The Broad Museum

“I mean, who would want to live in a place where the only cultural advantage is that you can turn right on a red light?” – Woody Allen


urban outffiters downtown los angeles

Urban Outfitters DTLA

abbot kinney venice beach los angeles

Abbot Kinney Bvld

the butchers daughter los angeles

The Butchers Daughter

“People don’t live in Los Angeles because we are tied to the same old, same old. We live in Los Angeles because of the intoxicating energy of new beginnings that permeate our city.” – Marianne Williamson


the row store los angeles

The Row

griffith observatory hollywood sign los angeles

Griffith Observatory

venice canals los angeles

Venice Canals

alfred tea room melrose avenue los angeles

Alfred Tea Room

“It’s [Los Angeles] mostly full of nonsense and delusion and egomania. They think they’ll be young and beautiful forever, even though most of them aren’t even young and beautiful now.” – Christopher Hitchens