Why I’ve always thought my local navy-school blazer would make an excellent coat. And how I’ve swapped skinny jeans and heels in favour of flats and baggy pants… trust me, you didn’t know how much you’d enjoy it til’ now.

Normally when I return home, I feel as if the pace of life dramatically slows down. Being in a small town, surrounded by green fields and Charity Shops full of unwanted Christmas and Birthday presents, I sometimes struggle to find the motivation to create and be inspired. But this Christmas I decided that was going to be different, and that has given me a whole lot of content ready to share with you guys! So make sure you are following my blog to keep updated with all the content I will be sharing over January! 

Things have been a bit crazy over here recently. After Christmas came the move back down south to London in which I have well and truly learnt my lesson to not carry two large suitcases around London transport on my own (nearly falling backwards down the London tube escalator has taught me that lesson… yep, you heard). I felt a little overcome with anxiety and feelings of uncertainty, generally just not feeling myself at all! And a little bit of a cold and stuffy head hasn’t been helping. Flu season is upon us guys, watch out.

You might remember me mentioning in a recent post that I was dying to get my hands on some unripped boyfriend jeans, seen as I had surprisingly been making so much use out of my others. These ones from Whistles genuinely are perfect, and they’ve already had so much use since I got them in December! The wash, cut, fit and feel are perfect and you can just tell by the quality of the denim that they are going to last you a long time. I have well and truly been dislocated from the era of the skinny jean in favour for a baggier pant.

Secondly, can we take some time to appreciate how well a coat that looks like a young school boys blazer looks!? I’ve been on the hunt for another coat that I can wear as much as my beloved grey oversized H&M number, one that you’ve probably seen me wear a fair few times on the blog already. So I wanted a coat that was a bit more fitted and short, but still with that masculine feel. I feel that this coat fits that bill! Also, I just cannot justify buying coat that doesn’t have a lining anymore. In terms of comfort and quality, they are just so much better! So make sure you look out for that whenever you’re purchasing a coat, especially on online high street stores, as most that are ‘trendy’ or seem a great price are probably because they don’t contain a lining.

Thirdly, (there’s so much I want to share with you within this outfit!) are these ballet style lace up flats, that you’ve probably seen around for a quite a while now and are likely to remain on your radar for a lot longer! I will happily be hanging up some of my heels in favor of these for their comfort whilst still maintaining the ability to look appropriate enough for a fancy dinner date. 

Blazer: AM London (on sale)
Jeans: Whistles
Shoes: Topshop (on sale)

Photography by Thomas O’Donoghue