As the fashion pendulum swings back, soon we’ll all be mixing our prints in any fashion we like and calling it ‘maximalism’.

This time a few years ago, the ground was covered in a sheet of white, sparkling snow. Fast forward to December and it seems as if spring has sprung early! I think everyone in the UK would agree that this was one of the warmest December’s we’ve had. Although as soon as January 1st landed, we were hit by the cold chill of Jack Frost’s kiss and the infamous New Year’s Day walk very quickly turned into a “we shan’t walk too far”.

I’ve had this dress (yep, a dress!) in my wardrobe for quite some time now. It’s one of it’s kind amongst the rest of the grey, black and white clothes with very little, if any, prints. It’s not that I’m opposed to prints or colours at all, in fact I think they are rather lovely and I really ought to embrace them more. But I think that’s what makes me have such a strong affection to this dress, because it just chuffin’ works. You know?

For me, I think mixing and matching prints is going to be the next ‘minimalism’. As the pendulum in fashion begins to swing back in the opposite direction and we all become sick of seeing the same images of everyone’s Diptique candle in their black and white bedroom next to their all white Acne trainers (FYI, i’m a total fan of all of the above, guilty), we’ll soon be looking for the next maximalsim.

It’s also not as hard as it sounds, so long as there are some of the basic guidelines adhered to:

1. There is a similar colour palette running throughout the outfit.

2. You throw some block neutral colours into the equation to balance it out.

3. You add a staple item from your wardrobe (a.k.a leather jacket) to make it still true to your style.

4. You ignore all of the above and do whatever you want.

For me, this outfit shouldn’t work, but it just does. There’s floral with tartan, there’s 3 layers and frills… sounds like a nightmare huh? But it just goes to show that it can work, and I get the thrill of knowing that other people think I was clever enough to piece this combo together as 3 separate pieces. They’ll never know…

Dress: Zara
Shoes & Bag: Topshop shoes (here)
Jacket: H&M