Some are a bit quirky and some are a bit more factual, but I’m hoping that you’ll leave having gained a bit more of a sense about who I am as a person 🙂

Something I personally love about reading blogs is that connectivity that you feel with other people through your shared interests and passions. I follow and connect with people online because I appreciate who they are as a person and I probably agree with most of their views and opinions that they hold. I trust them and feel excited for them when they are embarking on exciting projects or collaborating with a brand to create innovative content.

With my blog, I want to be able to have the same rapport with you guys and was trying to think of ways that I could bring us closer together and share a little more of myself with you. Turns out the most obvious answer was glaring me in the face and I was looking too far past it to see it!

So here are a few facts I thought I would share with you. Some are a bit quirky and some are a bit more factual, but I’m hoping that you’ll leave having gained a bit more of a sense about who I am as a person 🙂

  1. I’ve always had a passion for acting and dancing since a young age and continued engaging in this passion through until College. I know that I still want to pursue this and always have it as a part in my life as it makes me happy. You should always do the things that make you happy, even if it’s not as a career. So who knows, let’s see what happens in a few years time…
  2. I’ve had pink hair. Brown hair. Blue and brown hair. Lilac. Blonde and black. Blonde and pink. Blonde and red… you get the picture. I was very experimental with my hair throughout high school, but I always came back to my blonde roots.
  3. I eat breakfast first thing and always have done since a young child. Breakfast comes first, okay?
  4. Fireworks are my favourite things to watch. They always make me feel magical and inspired and i espically enjoy watching them with loved ones around me.
  5. I love the smell of cinnamon, wood and musky scents like amber and tobacco over sweet, floral and fresh smells.
  6. I was voted ‘Miss Fashionista of the Year’ at my leaving high school do by my year group, before I really even knew that I was going to go into the fashion industry. Looking back I can see those small signifiers throughout my life. Such as drawing clothes at my Grandparents house for my Barbie dolls as a kid (not realising I was designing), to wearing this pink blazer jacket because I enjoyed the fact that someone told me it looked as if I was going to a fashion meeting.
  7. I’m a Gemini and obsessed with collecting and learning information.
  8. When taking the images for this outfit post here, I decided to take matters into my own hands and just use a tripod, camera and self-timer to produce the images myself. A police car actually came and stopped in front of me to ask me what I was doing, I felt like a complete weirdo. But you know, some people just don’t get it! That’s cool. And now I’ve got over that fear of other people judging me.
  9. I backpacked around Europe for 1 month with my best friend in my Gap Year and it definitely it one of the best life experiences I will ever have had.
  10. For the past few months I have been living on a plant based diet and I love it. I think once you know your reasons for doing something, you just can’t go back and it’s so much easier to make that choice not to do something when its presented to you.
  11. I love books and reading. I was always the kid in primary school putting their hand to read aloud. I always read with such passion and expression, and I think that’s why I ended up loving acting.
  12. I was lucky enough to go on two skiing holidays with my high school and they were amazing. I would absolutely recommend it, as I now have both skiing and snowboarding under my belt.
  13. Granola is the best food. I probably have granola breath (cue Clueless quote) and I don’t mind at all.