1st Anniversary

Sooooooo, who was here this time last year when I announced the relaunch of my blog? If you were, comment below! It will be so exciting to see who remembers. If you weren’t, that’s equally as exciting! And also promising, as it means that over the course of the past year that my blog has grown and I’ve said hello to a lot of new faces 🙂

It was actually yesterday, on the 16th May, that I relaunched my blog with it’s brand new web design and selection of new images that I’d taken with a new photographer. Just due to bad scheduling from me *ahem* this post comes a day late! Oopsie…

At the end of 2015, I did a post rounding up a few of the images from different blog posts I’d done throughout the year, which is really fun to look at to refresh your memory!

You also forget how far you’ve come, and it’s a good trip down memory lane and a sweet reminder of how each and every day you are improving and building upon your skills, even if you don’t recognize it.

I thought that for this post, I recap what I have learned in a year since I properly started this blogging journey. By that, I mean to say that I have actively been involved in the Blogging/YouTube community for the past 5 years, and during that time I have dabbled in and out of blogging. Only deciding to pursue it more seriously this past year.

So, here’s to many more years of success, fun and hard work! I hope that you’ll still be here with many more people who join the community 🙂

 This whole Youtube shenanigan is hard work…

So if you haven’t seen already, I posted my first ‘speaking’ Youtube video the other week! I say speaking because, again, I have dabbled in producing video content before but hadn’t found the courage to actually speak! From setting up the correct lightening, tripod, camera settings to actually filming the video itself as a one man band, it was at times fairly stressful! (There is so much room for technical error here…) So I massively appreciate everyone who does it full time!

You have to get over THE GAP, and accept it.

I don’t quite know how to explain this in words, apart from it’s that thing where you know exactly what you want to produce/create, but when you try to recreate it yourself you end up producing something remotely ‘crap’ that’s nothing like what you intended in the first place.
Just watch this short video here and you’ll get it.
Basically, I’ve just realised that you have to accept that in the beginning you’ll be a bit s!*@, but you should still post the content you’ve created, continue to create content, and over time you will get closer and closer to what you want. But it’s so important that you DO post, because nothing will ever be perfect.

Consistency is key.

Especially in the beginning, doing a half-hearted attempt just won’t cut it in the sea of bloggers. Although I understand advice from established bloggers about just doing it for ‘fun’ – because you absolutely must have a genuine interest to do it no matter what – there isn’t really the opportunity now to play around and see what works and posting once in a blue moon. It’s also something that’s REALLY hard to keep up with, but recently I’ve been making such an effort and I can definitely see the results!

Have FUN

As with life, don’t take it too seriously. It’s not a matter of life or death, and (as mentioned above), this should be something you’re doing because you really have a passion for it, so you should have fun with it!

Blogging is not less professional, it’s just more personable.

Sure, blogging is that ‘new’ anymore, but to people outside of the industry who don’t understand it, (or even people inside of the industry who still hold some sort of snobbishness to it) there is still a feeling that blogging is not ‘professional’. I can tell you, it absolutely is! It’s just a different way of doing things, and so long as you hold your head up high and believe in yourself, then there’s no reason to down play any of the hard work that you’ve done.

Always check the weather forecast

An absolute must if you live in rainy England. Make sure you plan to shoot on the days that are rain-free, because you absolutely don’t want to be planning to shoot when the forecast is a downpour of rain for the next 5 days… I know any English (particularly Northern) bloggers feel me on this one…