So I haven’t really made a plan for what I’m going to say on this post, I’m just going to speak from the heart so if you haven’t… please do grab a cuppa and a cheeky biscuit because this might make for a long post. So yep, as you may have already figured from the title, today is the day that marks twenty one years of my life. Saying that sounds crazy, and today doesn’t feel like any other day of the week, but I have most certainly felt something switch inside of me. A bit like New Years Eve, I feel like this birthday marks the start of a change. Just like my horoscope said, this month is all about realising my dreams.

It’s not that I’ve not known where the path is

leading me before, but I feel something within my universe has tilted within my favour. See, I’ve been doing this blog here now for a year. But for many years before that, I was always involved within the community and blogging as more of a hobby on the side.

Recently, I feel like I’ve gone through both some personal and professional changes that have made me feel a lot more confident and focused on my dreams. Things seemed to have gotten a little stagnant recently, and I don’t think that you realise when things need shaking up a bit until they do.

At the time you notice no different and often


fall into a comfortable pattern, but recently I’ve managed to break out and see what I’ve been missing.

I feel a lot more confident in myself, it’s still going to take some work, but after finishing reading The Pilgrimage by Paulo Choelo yesterday, I feel a huge sense of euphoria rush over me. It was like the hairs on my back had stood up on their end and life had somehow become more vibrant. I want to share with you a passage from the book that really resonated with me, as if all the moments and experiences of my life had come together and finally, the pieces of the puzzle had been completed.

“You came among us to teach us all that we are capable of becoming, and we did not want to accept this. You showed us that the power and the glory were within every person’s reach, and this sudden vision of capacity was too much for us. We crucified you, not because we were ungrateful to the Sun of God but because we were fearful of accepting our own capacity.

It is not a sin to be happy. […] Few can accept the burden of their own victory: most give up their dreams when they see that they can be realised. They refused to fight the good fight because they do not know what to do with their happiness; they are imprisoned by the things of the world.”

Only now, do I truly realise what it means to be afraid of the power that we hold within us. From now on, today – the day that marks my 21st – birthday, I will no longer be a slave to myself and the opinions of others around me. I will live my life for me each and every single day, as why live it for anyone else?

Although it is not quite yet the end of the day and I am so lucky to still have many festivities to come, I feel like I have learned the most important lesson of all. And that’s that with each birthday that passes, I realise that it really is less about the gifts and the presents, but more about the memories made and moments shared with family and friends. I just want to do a shout out my mum, who has always been the most generous person on anyone’s special day, truly doing everything she can to make it feel like extra bit special. It means a lot and I adore her so much for everything she does for her kids, that truly is what makes my heart smile.







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We have to also just take a second to admire this gorgeous maxi dress! If you haven’t already heard, boho maxi dresses and floral patterns (floral for spring? groundbreaking…) are so hot right now, and I was getting myself in a right fluster trying to find the perfect tea dress for afternoon tea at Sketch! If you haven’t already seen the images, then make sure that you are following me on Instagram to see the pictures. My feed has taken a turn for the pink because of it… and I’m kinda feeling it!






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Necklace: Topshop
Belt: Topshop
Shoes: Zara