How to get my Signature Effortless Waves

I feel very grateful that throughout most of my life (minus a stint in year where I cut my hair to just below my ears and flicked it out in some terrible 90s fashion with gel, let’s just not go there) I have always been complicated on my hair, much to my own surprise.

It’s not that I don’t love my hair, in fact I’m quite proud of it’s natural beachy waves and the fact that despite me having it bleached and coloured for years, it’s decided that it will stick around on my head a bit longer. But I must admit that I’m really not the best when it comes to hair styling. Anything other than your average french braid is quite frankly out of the question. But thankfully, I seem to have found something that I’ve got the knack of and that seems to have become a bit of a signature for me.

It’s this hairstyle that has a lot of my friends saying ‘I love your hair’, ‘How do you it?’ and ‘What curling wand do you use?’. I do have a couple of tips and tricks up my sleeve to perfecting this effortless beachy waves look and so I thought that’s what I would share with you today!

My hair is naturally really wavy, and here it is in it’s au natural form! When I wash my hair I just leave it to air dry as I want to protect my hair from using lots of heat. So that been said, it’s really important to use a Heat Protection Spray before you put any heat on your hair, and it’s includes the hairdryer!

I love using the Philip Kingsley heat protection range for this. I find their products such a treat to use as they always leave my hair feeling super soft and nourished!

Philip Kingsley Daily Damage Defence

Since I have quite thick and curly hair, I’ve always found it best to section the hair into three sections, and straighten starting from the bottom up. I’ve been using Cloud Nine straighteners for a while now and seriously love them! They automatically turn themselves off at 15 seconds so there’s no panic that you’ve left them on once you’re out the house.


Tangle Teezer

Cloud Nine Straightner

Since my hair is so curly, I’ve found it best practice to straighten the hair first in order to get really smooth and defined waves. I don’t section my hair when curling as I want to keep my sections big so that I’ll get that loose, effortless curl rather than lots of tight ringlets.

So I divide the hair in half and bring round my shoulders. Starting from the back, I work my way forward on one side and then on the other.

TIP: Always curl away from the face and outwards.

Babyliss Soft Waves Hair Styler

When you let your hair out the barrel, catch it in your hand and hold for about 7 seconds in order for the curl to develop. This should help the hair keep it’s curl for longer too.


To truly get effortless, beachy waves, always have the barrel pointing down.


Leave an inch at the bottom of your hair away from the heat. This will add to he look of beachy and undone waves.

So there you have it! Soft, beachy and effortless looking waves. Admittedly, I had just washed my hair this morning so it was super soft and lost it’s curl very easily… so I would definitely say that curling your hair on second day hair has much better results. Equally, add a bit of texturising spray all over to give the hair a bit more grit.

Anytime you see me sporting a curled do on the blog, you’ll know exactly how it was achieved.