I’m trying to think of where to start with this post, perhaps the perfect place to start would be welcoming the year of 2017! I know we hear this month after month and year after year, but I can’t quite get to grips with where this year has gone. I think once we get to the end of a year, we can quite easily forget the events of the year. Much like when asked for our favourite song, rather than answering with an ‘all time favourite’ we normally seem to recall a fairly recent song that we’ve heard, and the same goes for books and movies. That’s why I often quite enjoy collecting the images for these round-up posts as it reminds me of how much further I’ve come despite my worries of whether another year has slipped through my fingers.

I always remember this quote that my older sister once told me that I feel is quite fitting to this time of year. When expressing my thoughts on how death and the shortness of life can be both motivating and scary, she replied with “I often hear that and whilst it is true, I often think that we also have a lot of time available to us. Life is short, but time always passes slower than we think”.  When I think about this, I’m always reminded of the illusion of time. Think of how time can fly when having fun, drag when we’re feeling ‘bored’ or seem infinite in both moments of pure happiness or sadness.

This year, I certainly feel like I’ve learned a lot. It’s just like Kylie Jenner said, this was the year of “like, realising things”. But in all seriousness, at times it feels like I have read all I can on a certain subject or know all I can do, and oh, how often the universe likes to show me how very wrong I am about that. It certainly takes time for new habits to form and replace old ones, for lessons to sink in and to finally build up to courage and confidence to believe in yourself, as much as I would rather all of the above happen in an instant.

I do realise that I have a tendency to write a lot in my posts and it suits some and not others, but Lesson 1 I’ve conquered is stopping giving a f*** about other peoples opinions if it makes me happy (and isn’t hurting anyones feelings of course). But, I think we all can agree on how satisfactory a list is, am I right!? So here’s a brief list of things I started doing in 2016 that I’m taking forward into the new year.

  1. I started Dancing again.
    Some of you might not know this, but ever since the age of 2 I’ve been dancing and I’ve passionately loved it above all ever since. Since I moved away from home to University 2 years ago, I failed to make it a top priority to find another dance school. When I finally kicked aside excuses of not having the money, time etc etc I started my Street classes again and I feaking LOVE it. I always said that I would continue to pursue my dancing and I can’t believe I put my passion and happiness on a backseat for the past years, not again. Speaking of which, anyone know of some good evening acting classes in South London?
    Read: The Rules of Life by Richard Templar
  2. I’ve stopped give a damn about things/people I don’t give a frickin’ damn about!!
    Read: The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*** by Sarah Knight
  3. I stopped double guessing myself.
    If you can’t already tell by the way that I often treat this blog like a diary, I’m a rather deep and inquisitive person. So much so that I often end up second guessing my actions, even so far as second guessing what other people are thinking of what I’m doing (silly, right?). I’ve decided enough is enough!
    Read: The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo

Visited the Algarve, Portugal for the 4th time

I feel so lucky and grateful that this year marked my 4th time of visiting the Algarve! It almost has begun to feel like a second home as I feel so familiar with the towns and the area surrounding which personally, I think makes it 10x easier to relax.




Assisted 4 Fashion Shoots

This was one of those events that I totally forgot that happened this year! If you didn’t know, I’m currently in my final year of studying Fashion Journalism at University and completed an internship at the editorial desk of a Fashion magazine earlier in the year.


I turned 21

2016 was the year that I turned 21 which, in terms of birthdays, seems like one of the big milestones. I had such an amazing week (lucky me) of going for a meal at Sketch with my best friends and then coming home to celebrate with family and friends. It was such a happy and joyous week and I’m so grateful for everyone who contributed and shared their generosity with me.




Shot more editorial content

I feel like this year I really tried to experiment a lot more with editorial content, it’s definitely something I love doing the most. Creating looks and ideas based around stories and events always is the most thrilling to plan and then see the final results at the end, such as this shoot that we did at the beginning of this year with this Tiffany & Co bracelet. We wanted to encapsulate a cold, rainy winters day that was brightened up with the romance and sparkle of the bracelet. I cannot tell you how difficult it was to set up this shot and how many times we had to take the same photo, positioning the angle of my wrist just so and getting the light in the right position. All for the final result to look as flawless and easy as it does below, isn’t it just a sort of painful beauty?

Anyway, in 2017 I want to continue to create this type of editorial content for you but with a larger focus on storytelling and more consistently. Although I’m happy with some of the content we created (and after looking back through these posts its incredible to see how far we’ve come) I want to ensure that I can produce more content more consistently for you guys, and also for myself. It makes me so happy and after a day of doing something I love, shooting content, it makes me feel optimistic and eager to continue doing what I love.

So I hope that you enjoy looking through my 2016 archive and I’ve curated a selection of my favourite images for you to browse below, along with a few snippets of some content shot in December that will be coming to the blog this month!

Happy 2017 everyone, let’s kill it.