Postcards from South of Spain

So in what feels like many moons ago, I went to the South of Spain on the annual summer trip. I was very grateful to be staying in a family friends villa on the beautiful coastline of Salobrena. Before we went on our holibobs, I invested in my first pancake 50mm lens so I had a grand old time snapping away at any opportunity I could get. The more I get behind the camera, the more I enjoy it – although I certainly aren’t calling myself no professional. I tend to take more photos when I go abroad than I go when I’m at home which is a shame. There’s just something about feeling like a tourist in your own city that seems almost a bit shameful… definitely need to get over that!

Anyhoo, you’ve probably noticed some of these incredible views in the background of my recent outfit posts. So before I fully left myself succumb to pumpkin spice lattes (which I will never) and big, wooly scarves, I thought that I’d hold onto the last bit of summer just that little bit longer.

Looking back on these images is bittersweet, as it was quite a reflective holiday for me. I spent a lot of the time sat around the pool reading books on growth and self-development (I know, I’m a ball of fun). I’d just started a new job, was living out of a suitcase for a while in a new city on my own and trying to find a place to live. I felt scared, but yet excited at all the possibilities that the future held. This is definitely the perfect holiday destination if you want to relax, take it easy and immerse yourself into a new culture.


To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of the small town of Salobrena before but I’ll definitely be back. Located right next to the Mediterranean Beach, it really is a heavenly place to be. A constant breeze will keep you cool – which is a must for warm blooded people like myself – and the reason why in the height of Summer, all the residents of surrounding areas flock to Salobrena to get away from the heat.

If you are fond of your seafood, you will certainly love the selection on offer here as fish fill this town’s table. If you don’t eat diary or meat, then make sure you do your research beforehand!! Whilst the salads

are still delicious, you won’t want to be eating beef tomatoes and onion for the majority of your stay. Also beware, as here, vegetarian means pescatarian. So make sure you have practiced your ‘sins’ well! (Sin = no)

Other than the beach, there is the Old Town – which are always a favorite of mine to explore. You can take a small hike up to Castillo De Salobreña and it is wise to check when the castle is actually open if you wish to have a peak inside. The walk is rather steep and I wouldn’t want you to be disappointed! But simply seeing the views from the peak is satisfying enough and you aren’t short of a few lovely restaurants and cafes to quench your thirst on the way up.



If you are looking for a hustling, tourist-y town that has still kept it quintessential beauty – then Nerja is the place for you. Although we didn’t spend too much time here, it is certainly worth exploring. The town itself is beautiful and there are some hidden gems to be found, including some small beaches if you can find the path down.

It seems like we definitely missed out on some of the incredible beaches that Nerja had to offer as I didn’t spend much time trying to top up a nonexistent tan, but exploring the caves are also a popular attraction and something to perhaps consider if and when you visit. Otherwise, take a seat at one of the cafes and watch the world go by, a favorite past time of mine.


My FAVORITE town that I think I’ve ever been to! Frigiliana, frigiliana, frigiliana… you have stolen my heart. I’ve already decided that this is the place that I’ll retire to. It’s almost so beautiful that I don’t want to share it online and keep it my own little secret! But unfortunately, this place is too stunning too keep to oneself and is begging for an Instagram opp – sad, but true! Just being honest.

White walls, green plants and colored doors – I hope this is what stepping into heaven feels like. Unfortunately my camera died when we first came round, so we came back again… and again. This was a blessing in many ways, as I couldn’t put the camera down once I had it. Each turn revealed a new maze of

cobbled streets and even more plant pots (whoever manages to keep all these plants alive deserves a medal). Make sure you purposefully take a few wrong turns in order to stumble upon some cute cafes with a spectacular hillside view. Just make sure you remember to breathe.

This village has been constantly voted as the ‘prettiest village in Andalusia’ by the Spanish tourism authority, and it’s not hard to see why. Make sure you visit the cafe just behind the Church if you visit, it’s owned by an older English couple who have settled in Frigiliana. They do the most insane fruit bowls and platters for a very reasonable price and even just sitting outside in the courtyard feels like such a privilege.


La Herradura

Like I said, this wasn’t really a beach holiday for us and more of a quiet, relaxing escape. As The Neighbours put so well “I hate the beach, but I stand in California with my toes in the sand” – this is so me.

But be sure to take a stroll along the La Herradura bay as there are countless bars to go to, like this one in the picture below, which have a great atmosphere. If you like your Japanese and Sushi, then Lemongrass restaurant is the place for you! I was SO SO pleased to find this place after too many days living off salad, bread and grilled aubergines when eating out, so their vegetable curry and avocado sushi rolls tasted twice as nice. If water sports are your thing, then this is definitely the place to be too. Unfortunately we visited the beach just before we were about to leave for the airport, otherwise I would have jumped on that floatable trampoline/inflatable crash course in a heartbeat.