Pink Walls & Creativity



Returning from this amazing trip to Los Angeles, the trip of my dreams, I’ve been mulling over a lot of thoughts about creativity again. If you’ve been reading the blog for a while (if so, I love you) then you’re probably already well acquainted with my long ramblings and philosophical musings.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to post on this blog, but instead of just going with my feelings and thoughts, I’m double questioning whether it’s the right thing to be talking about. Should I be sharing so much about myself online and will anyone actually bother to read this? Does this contribute to my overall ambition and how will it affect my future career?

I thought it apt, and almost comical, to tie in these musings with these shots that we took outside the infamous Paul Smith pink wall on Melrose Avenue. This wall encompasses the Instagram generation, obsessed with hunting out Instagram locations and recreating those same shots that we see on almost every fashion bloggers feed.

Now I’m not saying that you’ll never catch me going for a coffee in the new hip place in town, or falling whim to a good pic at an Instagram hot spot – after all, don’t we all hunt out the best places when we go traveling?  -but instead, I’m trying to come at my images from a different angle. How do I put my unique stamp on this place, take it in a different way than everyone else has? That might just be taking the image from a different camera angle or perspective. Either way, I certainly don’t want to be coined into any box but instead, celebrate the freedom of creativity to be whoever we want and do, whatever we desire.

I spoke about creativity in an older blog post on my wishes for 2017 and a lot of what I said then still stands true today. An Instagram story I reposted by Bethany Elstone also resonated with me. She said:

“I started producing a lot of phone content because I thought it was the only way I was going to get anywhere but in doing so I completely forgot why I started doing this in the first place […] Don’t let the trends dictate your content, it’ll never satisfy you in the long term and you’ll only feel deflated if the thing that you sacrificed your passion for doesn’t provide the happiness you thought it would”.

I think I’ll definitely be weaving in my experiences since going freelance within other blog posts, which in all fairness can be perfectly summed up in a post by Brittany Bathgate on her first experiences since going freelance in what she coins ‘The Freelance Blues’. Or otherwise, if a post on my experiences would be of interest or helpful to you, let me know but in the meantime, this recent post on my anxiety gives a little insight.

Have any of you been having the same thoughts about your images or felt the same creative burden before? Would love to hear your thoughts! Make sure to leave a comment below and share your experience.



Dress (Worn as a top): Urban Outfitters
Skirt: New Look
Jacket: Levi’s
Shoes: Topshop (out of stock, similar here and designer here)
Bag: Primark