The CC Cream that Changed the Way I Viewed CC Cream’s

IT Cosmetics finally comes to the UK at Boots

Welcome to a new series on the blog: Late to the Party. I won’t keep any promises about how long I’ll let this series run for, but perhaps when I finally start getting ahead of the beauty trends it shall hit its natural death. Surprisingly enough – considering the title – I am a massive beauty junkie, obsessed with makeup products and following the current trends. In fact, watching makeup tutorials on YouTube was my first foray into the online world of beauty and fashion bloggers. It’s how I learned everything I do about makeup and how to apply it. But it still takes me a while to get round to trying cult beauty products, usually a good year or so after they’ve been discovered. If anything, it really does stand testament to their cult status as they are still being sought after years later. So you could almost consider these reviews as ‘beyond the hype – the products that deserve their cult status’.

As you probably well know, I’ve just returned from an incredible two week trip around the US in which I visited Los Angeles and San Fransico. So it’s no surprise that a visit to a couple of the drugstores and the holy mecca Sephora was on the cards.

IT Comsetics CC Cream Review Boots UK

I have heard such rave reviews about the It Cosmetics CC Cream from the online community and after seeing the gorgeous Victoria from In The Frow wear it for a swanky evening event, I was intrigued to see how a CC Cream could replace foundation. I’m dubious about most CC and BB Cream’s, favoring only a small few that provide that beautiful dewy coverage, but I was in need of a daytime base with a high SPF and after having so many glowing reviews about it Cosmetics products, I was excited to give it a shot.

The coverage is actually extremely good whilst still maintaining that lovely creamy consistency that you come to expect from a CC or BB cream. The 50 factor SPF made it perfect for the hot California weather and the color was a perfect match, giving me a flawless filter to my skin – comparable to that of high-end foundations. (I chose the color Light).

I bought the kit that allows you to try a few samples of their other skincare products and mascara for only a few dollars extra. I’ve been really enjoying using the anti-wrinkle Secret Sauce moisturizer which came in a decent sized sample pot (I always get compliments on the smell from my boyfriend! Ha).

I’m pleased to announce that unlike me, a trip all the way to the US no longer necessary in order to sample a bit of it Cosmetics! As of last Friday (1st June), it Cosmetics launched at Boots UK! Which means there is no need to save all my products for special occasions as I can easily replace them when I run out. Will you be trying the CC Cream? 🙂