Hey guys, I hope that you are all well and are slowly easing back into work mode after our Christmas slumber. Personally, I’ve had a bit of a hard time trying to focus myself and my thoughts, settle back into a steady workflow which unfortunately comes a bit of a bad time for me with looming deadlines and an insatiable hunger to create and write, but somehow feeling a lack of creative energy in order to do so.

Although I often admit to struggling to live in the present, worrying about the future or dwelling on the past, I have in fact come to realise that in my writing I much prefer to express my thoughts in moments where a sudden will of something to say draws me to my keyboard. And often, I wonder if in fact I actually have something to say or whether there is just the sudden need to write in the moment and later try and piece it together.

I’m very much a Child of the Moon and last night, I ended up staying up till’ 3am writing ideas and planning content that I want to create. I had all these ideas lighting up in my head and I spent all night feeling more inspired than I had all day. Unfortunately, my body did not thank myself this morning but a small inkling got me researching whether Mercury was in Retrograde, and hey guess what! It sure is.

Ahh, and there it is. I don’t necessarily want to lay all my lack of productivity on the appearance of a planet in reverse motion, but I can’t deny the apparent links. Speaking of astrology, I do find myself having strong links with my Gemini personality and feel this duality run deep within me. It’s definitely something that I embrace, and I’ll have a strong opinion with anyone who tries to label and box women into one personality trait.

If you read my reflection on 2016, then you’ll know that creating more editorial and conceptual photography is something that I’m keen do more of this year. But I often find myself in conflict between the art and the commercial. Unfortunately, the introduction of algorithms in social media has meant that the internet has become saturated with clickbait titles and the majority of posts seem to have just become a series of Top 5, 10 and 20 Things To Buy.

Being both an avid reader of blogs and a creator myself, I see the advantages on both sides of having Shoppable Links (it’s so much easier to look at a favourite bloggers shopping page for a dress rather than troll through all the 10,000 pages of Asos myself, just never quite got into that) and I am always in favor of a good numbered list, I just can’t help but feel that it’s all got a bit too much?

Personally, I miss reading the long articles from some of my favourite bloggers and I only want to give you guys Shopping Links when I truly want to share items I love and am excited to show them to you! I think the reason Vlogs have become so popular is because we can connect on a deeper level with people that we follow, hear their opinions whilst also asking them where those killer heels are from. (I’ve been loving watching Negin Miraelshi’s Youtube, with is a great example of a blogger who I’ve finally felt a connection with since watching her videos, and FYI they’re really great).

As a blogger in her fairly early stages, it’s tempting to get involved in making all my posts SEO friendly and post Buzz feed-y articles just to have some content to post, but it just doesn’t sit with me well. So, I’d just like to say that I hope those of you who have read all my ramblings feel a sense of greater closeness to me as I strive for that connectivity and discussion here more than an anonymous follower. Ultimately, like all great and successful people making marks within the fashion industry – from Karl Lagerfeld, Mario Testino to Anna Wintour – it’s the mix between art and commercial that makes fashion such an exciting industry to be in and something to celebrate and embrace instead of try to differenciate.

If I were to give 2017 an overall theme, I would choose Daring and Doing.

And if you’re interested in following my journey, then I won’t discourage your from following my social media links 😉