Linen Blazer in Covent Garden

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I’ve seen a tonne of linen blazer’s this summer and I’ve been captivated by that European getaway aesthetic: an oversized blazer over a summer dress, paired with some rope sandals and floppy hat à la Jacquemus. So needless to say, I was absolutely thrilled when I spotted this linen blazer in the H&M sales. Not one to usually bother looking through the sale racks when shopping in store, I unexpectedly saw this item out the side of my eye and it was a done deal when I saw the price tag. £10!!

I didn’t realize quite how much I loved a good blazer until the weather in London got so hot that I couldn’t wear one. It felt like all my outfits were missing that one key item that pulled the look together. See a blazer is so easy to throw on over almost any look. I love oversized, bulky fits layered over slip dresses for that post-date look – like your date has just thrown his jacket over your shoulders to keep you warm. I also love them with jeans for a smart, casual day look and more recently, with matching shorts for a summer in the city look. On a side note, how gorgeous is this bag from Topshop! You guys have been lusting after it over on my Instagram and I can’t get enough of it myself. I’m obsessed with gold accents at the moment, especially on accessories.

So I took a bit of a step back to refresh and re-evaluate the last two weeks. I feel like this is something I do a lot, but this time, I knew I was in a better mindset to actually start turning my goals into plans without overwhelming myself. I’m writing a post about why I still blog and devour my time and effort into creating these posts, so I’ll go into it in a little more detail then, but I’ve definitely been placing too much emphasis and pressure on myself to achieve things in the wrong areas of my life. If you focus on your passions and make sure that you do the things that fulfill you, then everything else will come with so much more ease. Spending time with family and friends reminds me of why love comes above all in life. I can’t wait to start pouring my love into my passions and embracing my failures and learning curves along the way, and hopefully sharing all of that you guys! Because I’m here for the long run, not the short one.

As stores have started dropping a lot of their Fall collections, you can find a lot of linen blazer’s at a reduced price on the high street. I’ve linked some of my favorites below, they are the perfect transitional item whilst the weather is still in the mid 20 degrees.


Jacket: H&M
Top: Zara
Jeans: Topshop
Bag: Topshop
Sunglasses: H&M
Shoes: Vans


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